Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole Covered Her Butt in a Rose, Can’t Stop Her 2014 Calendar Hotness

I'm still confused as to why the beautiful Cheryl Cole covered her entire blessed buttockal region in an elaborate and bright floral tattoo. Not that I don't think her asstastic is worthy of a fecund theme, it's just... it's just a bit much. And that's coming from a man who generally likes the body art on the ladies.

Nevertheless, ornate ink and all, Cheryl Cole remains not only super sextastic, but one of the finer racy catalog purveyors each and ever year, a not so modest distinction among the crowd of also-ran annuals producers. Her 2014 venture may actually be her best ever, but we'll leave that for you to leer and decide in the coming months. You could do much worse than open your eyes each morning to the sight of a sweet hot posed Cheryl Cole on your wall. No offense to your silly cats posters. Enjoy.

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Cheryl Cole Continues Her Girls Aloud Reunion Hotness Campaign

I wish I could quit Girls Aloud. And, please, no more emails about how awesome Girls Aloud was or how vocally talented. It's a debate that should never start and will never end. Let us just come together and focus on the hotness that is still Cheryl Cole. The main reason the band ever gained popularity among the jewel-dangling gender of the species from the start. Even a decade later in an obvious cash-sucking reunion campaign, Cheryl Cole looks like the kind of girl you want to bring out the big bills for at the high end clothes-removing clubs (not that I partake in such activities, the high end part I mean).

Just so yummy and delicious in a female concert performance type of way. Especially those killer legs. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Makes Girls Aloud Reunion Show Worth Ogling

Let's get this out there -- Girls Aloud was a craptastic lip-synching Spice Girls follow-up girl band that musically speaking lay somewhere beween clicking your fingernail against and empty beer can and the sound of two wild dogs humping.

That being said, Girls Aloud brought us some sensational female hotties, the head of the class belonging to Cheryl Cole, who strutted, pranced, and did that lip-synching on stage much to the delight of teeny bopper fans, and teen males who found a frequent visual object to focus on while practicing their independence.

Well, the Girls Aloud are back and making some cash on a reunion concert thing, and so is Cheryl Cole, flashing some of the goodness gracious hot body that first made the not so fearsome fivesome worth watching a decade ago. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Leather Dress Hot Enough to Clear the London Fog

We do so lust Cheryl Cole.

The righteously hot pop diva and X-Factor judge has been spending time in reunion with many of her Girls Aloud pop-synch former bandmates lately, including at a birthday party in London for on of the group girls that saw Cheryl Cole in a form fitting leather dress that left us thinking, if women must wear clothes, they should look just like this. Damn, Cheryl looked might fine.

If we hadn't been so busy these past couple of months helping the Windsor family concept a new heir inside of Kate, we would definitely have been paying more physical attention to Cheryl Cole, another British hottie princess. Enjoy.

Double Shot of Cheryl Cole: Cleavy Nightclub Departure and 2013 Smoking Hot Calendar Pics

Sometimes, one shot just ins't enough.

For our deep and abiding lust for Cheryl Cole, the former Girls Aloud 'singer' and current X-Factor judge, we just need to smother ourselves in as much of her wonderments as possible. Like a comforting blanket or a warm welcoming vagina.

Cheryl was out last and flashing some serious cleavage at the Whisky Mint nightclub in London. But for an all too well-designed top and a couple more drinks, Cheryl could have easily fallen and flopped her tops right out into the public eye. We were definitely waiting.

And while we're confessing our crush on all things Cheryl Chole, you must, really must, take a gander at her 2013 wall calendar that shall in a couple months time now be hanging on our office wall, helpings us count the passage of time, and our own passages for some private time in the lavatory thinking about Cheryl. She is a minx. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole Cleavy Concert Performance For Your Cheryl Cole Faptastic Needs

Sometimes, you just need to re-fill your Cheryl Cole tank.

For as much as we so truly lust the former Girls Aloud kind of singer, outside of a few X-Factor gigs here and there and some air-brushed promotional photos, we really don't get to see much of this brunette hottie, not nearly enough. So we're reaching back, all the way back to last week when Cheryl performed at the Echo Arena in Liverpool and flashes all kinds of cleavetastic hotness. Oh, it brought back so many fond memories.

Cheryl Cole, welcome back. Enjoy.

Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz White-Clad Hotties on the U.K. Red Carpet for ‘What to Expect…’

My mom used to say, 'to be forewarned is to be forearmed'. Sadly, I didn't understand what she meant, or why she'd smack me with a wooden spoon across the neck about thirty seconds after saying this and then have a laugh to herself. I was a slow kid. But, as to the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting, you've been forewarned, all ye who walk with something that dangles between your legs. And, please, don't send me your notes about some literal tit-for-tat program where you agreed to go with your girl to this movie in order to get some nookie. Unless you're getting the hummer of the century right then and there, in the movie theater, during the fifteenth joke about baby poop, you, sir, are not excused.

Nevertheless, chick flick equals hotties, so we do pay some attention to all the brouhaha marketing campaigns around such films, and the U.K. premiere last night where all the women were instructed to wear white, because that's pregnancy colors or something, but Cheryl Cole sure looked might hot in her get-up, as did Cameron Diaz, for whom I would like to retract the rumor that we started here at Egotastic! that Cameron wears pants now to public events in case her vagina falls out. I talked to my gyno doctor friend and he assured me that no matter how much sex a woman has, her vagina will not drop like spent rifle round to the floor. And, beside, Cameron looked pretty good. Enjoy.