Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd Upskirt Fulfills a Secret Wish on Tour in New York

Chery Lloyd is currently running through her ‘I Wish’ your, which led me to think of a few wishes I had regarding the super popular British pop stars. Not the least of which was wishing for a decent upskirt peek beneath her short leopard skirt she wears on stage. Well, wish granted as Cher flashed some of her white knickers beneath during her show in The Big Apple last night.

Now, a simple panties peek might seem pretty tame to some of the exhibitionism going on in the contemporary world of female pop music. But I shall never forsake the classics. Like an onstage peek to white panties by a super hot performer. Classics are the classics for a reason. Enjoy.

Cher Lloyd Upskirt Highlights Our Introduction to the Teen Pop Diva

The minute you start talking about X-Factor contestant and Simon Cowell and pop music singles and the like, I tend to tune out. But when I hear words like hot teen and upskirt, well, I tune right the ‘eff back in and believe it’s time for an introduction to Btitty young pop star in the making, Cher Lloyd, who I guess on sheer account of her name is destined for greatness.

And her short black leather skirts flashing her knickers don’t hurt either. (Oh, and don’t think we didn’t check, Cher just turned 19, so we’re all good in peeking up her skirt part of our job, you’re covered in your imagination part of the job.) Enjoy.