Charlotte Springer

Charlotte Springer See-Through Body Suit Becomes Disappearing Body Suit

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I’m pretty sure the see-through bodysuit was primarily invented for the sole purpose of being removed shortly after putting on. Like stupid hats, but oh so much better.

Our heavily belusted brunette glamour model Charlotte Springer was kind enough to show us that about three minutes of said sextastic wear is about the maximum time a gentleman ogler can last before his demands to see even more become near riotous. No need for a riot here. Charlotte lovingly obliges with a peel back and reveal of her spectacular ta-ta’s, on par with the clear evening sky in terms of pure marvel. Though I dare you to try and motorboat the sky. Good luck. I suppose the same goes for Charlotte and her heavenly bodies. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. Enjoy.

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Charlotte Springer Topless on One Lucky Balcony Floor

Charlotte Springer Topless in Black Leggings
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If you know the goodness that is Charlotte Springer you know darn well that her little top is coming off at some point to reveal her tremendous bodily assets beneath. Not that she isn’t a stunning woman while clad, but like most stunning women, she becomes whatever that word is beyond stunning when she removes her top and her perfectly ripe beaches dangle toward my fantasyland.

Charlotte Spring is one of those ladies that makes me happy to have been born on this particular planet in this particular era. You won’t get this kind of thrill from being a single-celled moss like organism on Neptune. Although I suppose happiness is all in the eye of the beholder with a heavy touch of relativity. Nevertheless, Charlotte’s glorious springers bring my cosmic tingles of the finest order. Long may she wave, especially in that all fours position. Enjoy.

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Charlotte Spring Topless Bubble Bath in the Kitchen Sink — Why? Because We Like It

Charlotte Springer Topless in Pink Lingerie
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I’m not exactly sure why bodacious curvaceous boobtastic Charlotte Springer is sudsing herself in lingerie in the kitchen sink. But if I found her in my abode doing just that, I certainly wouldn’t ask her why. I come from the school of, don’t talk about good things or they might go away.

It’s a cultural thing I suppose and quite contradictory since I’m pretty sure I spend most of my day talking about good things. Or great things, like the faptastic soapy melons on Charlotte Springer. Oh, how I’d love to be the guy who makes sure all those minuscule bubbles are popped across her slippery body. I need to check for that job. I’m available weekends. Enjoy.

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Charlotte Springer Topless Selfies Are Selfily Sextastic and Ridiciulously Bouncy Perfect

Charlotte Springer Topless Sexy Selfies
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Well, hello there Friday. My favorite day of the week. And before a holiday weekend, well, it’s like having your cake and eating it too. And speaking of cake you’d desperately love to eat, Charlotte Springer, my how she teases and titillates when taking photos of her own damn curvaceous hotness. I really can’t think of anything more alluring than a crazy good looking girl with plump peaches shooting photos of herself to share with the rest of the gentleman ogling world. Say what you will about your heroes and saints and Nobel Prize nominees, girls like Charlotte Springer bring an unparalleled heap of happiness to this world that barely ever receives accolade.

On Fridays, we celebrate the perfectly position puppies on girls we’d love to pretend marry just to have a real wedding night experience. Charlotte Springer is the girl of honeymoon dreams. We would not be leaving the room. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Humpday Huzzah! Charlotte Springer and Rachel Ward Topless Pillow Fighting Faptastic

Charlotte Springer and Rachel Ward Topless in ZOO Magazine February 2014
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One is blonde, the other brunette. Both are faptastically blessed with funbags of glorious divination. Charlotte Springer and Rachel Ward seem to share my own lust for one another, the sweet hot and curvaceous glamour models removing their tops in Zoo magazine for one truly memorable happy girl play time pictorial.

On Wednesdays, at the very hump of the week, we celebrate the beautifully boobtastic lady humps that makes us smile from head to toe. Without alluring chest puppies, this world would be a much darker place. I shudder to think. Huzzah!

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Charlotte Springer Topless Swimming Pool Delights

Charlotte Springer Topless In A Black Bikini In Her Pool
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When Charlotte Springer shows up, it’s a certain sign that the party has officially begun. That would be the Gentleman Ogler party, complete with cactus cooler cocktails to quench our physical thirst as Charlotte slakes our emotional needs. Just hearing her name makes me smile, seeing this bodacious brunette strip in her pool and release the faptastic krakkens, it makes my entire body grin.

On Thursdays, we like to celebrate the hearty and the robust girls who need no sandwiches to round out their fine female forms. Charlotte Springer is perfect, as-is, ready for delivery. Enjoy.

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Charlotte Springer Topless Bikini Udder Goodness for Mammarial Monday

Charlotte Springer Topless in a White Bikini
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Oh, heavenly bodies, how you do move me in various delightful directions.

Charlotte Springer has more than just a female form worthy of an ogle, she has the body of a goddesses descended from above to trick men into all sorts of really bad decisions that they would still make even if they were warned ahead of time because such is the nature of wicked goodness. Resistance is futile. And who would want to resist the likes of Charlotte Springer removing her white bikini top poolside anyhow.

On Mondays we celebrate the orbs of universal delights that drive men and our Sapphic leaning lady folk to such pleasant fatigue. Charlotte Springer has plenty enough in her tank to tire us all out with a smile. Enjoy.

(For mucho views of the sextastic Charlotte, check out the official Charlotte Springer site.)

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