Catalina Otalvaro

Catalina Otalvaro Steamy Sexy Lingerie Colombiana More than Ready to Besame

Besame mucho, Catalina Otalvaro. No, not there, lower. You’re getting warmer. Warmer, warmer, hot, hot, crazy hot… but I digress.

Colombian sultry sextastica Catalina Otalvaro is back in another alluring lingerie shoot for Besame lingerie, the preferred provider of silky little underthings down Sudamericana way. You really and truly can’t go wrong with Catalina repping your good with the sheer power of her sultry good looks and that ridiculously hot body. She could be primo fish pimper at the docks. But I’m quite glad she sticks to lingerie. It really is where he true gifts lie. Man, how I’d like to unwrap that gift. Catalina makes me say dang. Enjoy.

Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez Model Bikinis With Pinache

Oh, who doesn’t love a circus theme. Okay, who doesn’t love Colombian hottie bikini and lingerie models Catalina Otalvaro and Vanessa Pelaez in their little two piece swimsuits modeling the new Babalu swimsuit line. These two girls do sextastic justice to the pimping of the bikinis with just side by side killer bodies and perfectly posed come hither looks. Come hither indeed.

I know these ads are designed to sell swimsuits to the ladies, but I’m quite certain the men have a silent say in this as well. Well, silent but for the whimpering moans which must be allowed. Enjoy.

Catalina Otalvaro Lingerie Pictures for Colombian Silky Lacy Goodness

Oh, blessed hot Colombiana Catalina Otalvaro in her skimpy little things, pimping the silk and lace in fine sultry Sudamericana fashion.

Catalina is simply one of the single hottest women in the world we don’t get to see nearly enough. In fact, it’s been about a year and a half since we’ve seen her down to two pieces of not-hiding-much goodness that causes us to flip out. In a good way. Actual flips. That’s what crazy sextastic women will do to a man when they’re barely clad and just loaded with passion inducing properties. Enjoy.

Catalina Otalvaro Bikini Photoshoot

Catalina Otalvaro Fulfills Our Need for Hot Colombian Models in Skimpy Things (And It Is a Strong Need)

We discovered (a true voyage of self-discovery) Catalina Otalvaro in 2011 and we can’t rub her out of our minds, literally and figuratively speaking. The smoking sultry hot Sudamericana lingerie and swimsuit model for the brands that really want to pimp their skimpy wear properly, took to the photo canvas once more to display her truly epic, broody, hot and sextastic wares.

Catalina, we are never taking our eyes off of you. Enjoy.

Catalina Otalvaro Besame ‘Dulce Tentaci

While we’ve been missing our Davalos Twins something awful these days, Besame Lingerie down Sudamericana way does indeed find nice replacement models, including heavily locally adored Catalina Otalvaro, modeling their Dulce Tentación, Sweet Temptation line of silky little underthings.

Now, I’m not expert in lingerie modeling (unless 40,000 hours of lingerie model ogling qualifies one to be an expert), but I’d say the hot and sultry Catalina Otalvaro has a very nice future laid out for herself in the swimsuit, lingerie, and quite blessedly, the nekkid body modeling lines of work. Quite stunning. Enjoy.

Step Back SI, Catalina Otalvaro Drops Some Bikini Hotness of Her Own in SoHo

Sexy Colombian celebrity models are who I keep coming back to on our roadtrip through the sultry regions of South America, perhaps pushed in this direction by our friends at SoHo magazine who publish a seemingly unending string of Colombia’s finest in various forms of bikini and undress, including these asstastic sets from Catalina Otalvaro, who gives me chills just pronouncing her name. Something’s in the water down Sudamericana way and it’s growing girls up super en fuego. Enjoy.