Catalina Londoño

Catalina Londono Topless Re-Creation of Some Magical Movie Moments

Catalina Londono Topless Movie Remakes SoHo Photoshoot
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As much as we adore smoking hot Colombian women is just a little bit more than we admire the brain trust at SoHo magazine down Sudamericana way who keep coming up with ingenious ways to reveal their nation’s finest looking ladies in more creative visual displays.

In their most recent nutty incarnation, they’ve obtained the sextastic services of super hottie Catalina Londono to re-imagine movies such as E.T., the Shining, American Beauty, and, well, you really really must take a look. As amusing as it is, also something of a reminder of how much better American cinema could be with the addition of some full frontal goodness. Enjoy.

Catalina Londoño Topless Thespianic for Supremely Hot Colombian Actress Glory

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We love it when a Colombian actress gets nekkid for a good cause. Often times, that cause really is just the benefit of ogling mankind. And that is enough. But in the latest edition of Soho magazine, Catalina Londoño is taking it off in support of breast cancer awareness campaign, a cause we obviously support with all our being here at Egotastic!, and, the benefits of such benevolence are some wicked fine photos of the TV thespianic in much of her Sudamericana glory.

We call this win-win-win. Not even sure what the third ‘win’ is, but I have a feeling if you look close enough, you will find it. Enjoy.