Cassie Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Ignore The Scalp

Yes, it's true. I'm considered something of a style authority when it comes to hair. This despite the fact that I've never personally had a haircut that didn't involve a coupon to Supercuts. This whole thing with girls shaving their heads or part of their heads or flashing scalp really is truly not very appealing. I say that knowing there are probably four percent of you out there who are scalp fetishists who find this hair style trend the best thing since girls crushing bugs with their heels.

Having said that, I'd never let a little do-don't get in the way of a hot body display like the one put on by Cassie in her bikini in Miami. That there is a show that shows exactly why your gentleman ogler doesn't necessarily begin his scientific perusal from the very top on down. Sometimes, you need to start in the middle, as in that bodacious rump on the shorn-haired diva. It's quite a thing. And much better than even a Supercuts coupon. Enjoy.

Cassie Sideboob Sextastic for Esquire

You know me, I know as much about popular music as I do, well, anything that isn't related to hot women. But when the two worlds collide, I like to be there at the intersection with binoculars geting the best peeks. Like singer and model Cassie flashing some serious sideboob in her current Esquire pictorial. The good folks at Esquire know that what makes an artist truly special is the amount of funbags they will share on camera. We couldn't agree more.

Music is the poetry of the soul. I had a girlfriend who used to say that. But she listened to Madonna. I can skip the poetry and head right to the dirty limericks. And peeking Cassie's peaches. Enjoy.

Cassie Gets Hot and Sweaty for GQ

You may not be a fan of the music of Cassie, the R&B singer and current booty call of Sean Combs, you may not even know exactly who she is, but you will likely not soon forget the sweaty splash she makes in her pictorial in this month's GQ magazine.

I can't say I know exactly what's going on in these photos, but I do know there is a bikini, lots of baby oils, and straps and cages, all of which necessarily combine for quite the visual wonderment. How can they not?

Visit GQ for the full Cassie interview and photoshoot and check out the 'Diddy's Girl' video.

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R&B Singer, Cassie, Purported Leaked Topless Picture


(Click inside to see the purported Cassie topless self-published portrait.)

All I know about Cassandra Ventura, a.k.a, Cassie, is that she's an R&B singer who had some kind of falling out with P. Diddy and that she likes to take photos of herself topless in the bathroom and push the SEND button. Of course, my knowledge of hip hop gossip being on the low end, I'm not really sure about that first part. And, I'm not really even certain about the second part, but is citing these photos as being Cassie, and tattoos and bling do seem to match up in detective like fashion, so I'm going to give this presumed Cassie topless picture a two big topless thumbs up. Enjoy.

(Note: nipple piercings on the ladies? Yay or nay for you? Come discuss on our Facebook page.)

Cassie Pussy

Oh my. Yesterday everyone was talking about the Cassie nude pictures that were "hacked" aka released by her publicity team to generate attention, but in reality, all we saw were her "titties" as Cassie likes to call them. Well, today we've got something decidedly less PG. One Cassie pussy, to be precise. Yes, this is Cassie Ventura nude, naked, spread-eagle, showing every last detail. And it looks like her nipples aren't the only things she's had pierced...

Update: So, as you may have noticed, the pictures in question have been removed. Funny thing is, though, in the letter from the lawyer's, they claim that the image of Cassie's baby-maker is property of Atlantic Records and Bad Boy Entertainment. Now, why does Atlantic Records own pictures of Cassie's hoo-ha? Or do they really? So either something real fucked up is going on, or these guys are lying. But since they are attesting, under penalty of purjury that they own the pictures, I guess the only thing that can mean is that Sean "Puffy" Combs is the one who took those pictures. I guess we should start calling him Sean "Pussy" Combs.

Here's more of Cassie in her Complex spread. And I use the term "spread" loosely. Of course, spreading loosely is something Cassie is used to.