Caroline Receveur

Caroline Receveur Shows Off Her Might Fine French Bikini Body in Miami

French reality star Caroline Receveur seems pretty happy in Miami showing off her sweet body in her various little bikinis these past couple of weeks. I can only hope she decides to spend more time in our fair nation.

We really can only hope to get an influx of visitors that resemble Caroline in look and body and bikini exhibition awareness. I mean, the Statue of Liberty was nice, but what have the French done for us lately lady wise? Send us more of your hotties please.

Caroline Receveur Bikini Nip Slip Poolside in Miami

Caroline Receveur Bikini Nip Slip Poolside in Miami
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On the off chance you don’t watch a lot of French reality TV, you may not be familiar with Caroline Receveur. I’ll give you as pass on that one. But I do expect you to memorize her nipples that were exposed out of her not quite tightly fitting bikini top as she lounged poolside and inside pool in Miami soaking up some late Spring rays. I think you know my views on immigration boil down to I don’t get involved in politics other than to say we need to let as many hot women from around the world who likes to show off their unfettered funbags into our country as possible. Outside of that, I’m agnostic, But about that I am quite firm, so to speak. We should never have a limit on fresh new and exciting ta-ta’s. That’d be inhumane.

Caroline, I’m sorry I don’t get to see you on much French television. I’m sure you’re amazing. Thank you for your nipples. Enjoy.

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Caroline Receveur Drops Her Top for Frenchie Hot Magazine (FHM)

Caroline Receveur in April's FHM France
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If you hadn’t noticed, and, let’s be honest, like any horrible boyfriend, you never notice, we’ve been making a concerted effort to bring our Franco-hottie-philes on board with a deeper examination of the sextastic that abounds and abides in the country that brought us French effin’, not to mention pommes frites. Two wonderful inventions (though I think the former was originated in Spain, and the latter in Belgium.)

And, now, Caroline Receveur, French sextastic TV reality star, drops her top for FHM magazine and makes us all stand up and appreciate her Gallic wonderments. The voyage of hottie discovery never ends, plus I’m pretty sure it’s all about the journey or something profound like that. Enjoy.