Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra See-Through Top Makes for Some Nipple Baring Good Times

There's sheer dresses, and then there's just sheer delight. I guess both were in play last night as the veteran hot Carmen Electra went out to play in Hollywood in a rather see-through dress top. Sheer material, bright paparazzi lights, no bra, it all made for one majestic peek at the alluring peaks of this still crazy hot actress and dancer.

Carmen was blessed with those special genes to give her decades and decades of lust inducing powers. Rather than stow away her talents, she's kind enough to share them often with the general public, looking better than she has really in years. Quite an amazing sight those perfect chest puppies so bold and proud to be let off the leash for an evening. I feel a howl coming on. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Visits Egotastic! (I Nearly Peed Myself)

Carmen Is Just Hitting Her Sexual Peak!

If you build it, they will come. But building things sounds like lots of work. It's much simpler to trick ridiculously hot women into coming into your offices for a serious journalistic endeavor. I'm not a serious journalist, so the real goal is to pretend to be one with a straight face. Such it is that I found the outrageously veteran hot Carmen Electra in my humble digs talking about how horny she is all the time. OMG as the kids say. I merely whimpered in a ball on the floor and asked if I could taste her toes. It seemed romantic and appropriate at the time.

The celebrity hottie named by Prince himself has a new single out, Werq (available on iTunes) and one remarkably intense 2014 wall calendar. But what Carmen is really selling is herself. The ripest, shiniest, tastiest apple in the barrel. I bet she snaps deliciously when you bite into her too. Check out my 2 Random Minutes interview with Carmen and see if you can figure out what 'Sushi Slamming' means. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra And Joanna Krupa Steal the L.A. Nightclub Halloween Show

I must give it up big time for Carmen Electra, who dazzled on the East Coast on The Today Show in her Baywatch swimsuit, then made it back to L.A. in time for Halloween proper as a red latex devil at the Bootsy Bellows nightclub in Hollywood. Carmen is sewing her oats, as they say, looking kicking hot for a young 40-something complete with cougar cub boyfriend who seems to have tattooed a perma-smile on her face. Her asstastic I believe she owes mostly all to her own hard work.

Joining the devilish Carmen was the angelic Joanna Krupa, one sextastic heavenly form in white, showing off all the hard work she does on her own newly married female form. Between the two of them, heaven and hell, and a whole lot of thoughtful sins in betwixt. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Nipple Proud and Sextastic Back in Her Baywatch Swimsuit

Carmen Electra strapped on the old red swimsuit for Halloween and well, it still fits ever so nicely fifteen years later. I guess Carmen was feeling the excitement from looking so hot in her super tight one piece because her headlights were poking right through her County lifeguard costume.

Now, if you're like me, any time you see the red Spandex swimsuit from Baywatch, you immediately get a happy tingle from fond memories of, well, private time imagining all those thrilling rescues. Seeing Carmen Electra all grown up and early 40's something and looking ridiculously hot in her stretchy suit, well, the tingles are quickly becoming sensations which will quickly turn into something resembling a spasmodic quake. It's inevitable. Do not fight the temblor. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Bikini Pictures Bending and Preening Their Way Into Your Heart

Anybody who things Carmen Electra was done with the public spectacles of titillation, um, yeah, you were wrong. The early 40-something former starlet has more than enough juice left to turn it on and on when she wants to, as evidenced by these shots of Carmen on all-fours and other lust inducing positions in her bikini while in Hawaii.

Word is she's also she-banging some young guy from one of the new boy bands. So, yeah, Carmen is doing alright. From the looks of her, and I've been looking quite closely, she's doing very alright. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Bikini Picture Showoff in Dubai

Carmen Electra has still got it going on. On and on.

The veteran hottie found herself in Dubai pimping the shizz out of some new entertainment project for the good folks of the U.A.E., and, so why not take a little time for some bikini body exhibition for this 40-something vixen. And what a show.

I'm carefully inspecting for flaws as we speak. None  to report to date, I mean, if you ignore her dating history. Just a stellar bikini body. Enjoy.

Carmen Electra Flashes Cleavage at Crazy Horse

I think it's officially now an annual tradition for Carmen Electra to celebrate her birthday at this Gentleman's Club. And it certainly seems fitting. Let the former show-woman get paid to pimp her own birthday party, she's earned it.

And unlike so many other Vegas hostess bait-and-switches, when you get get inside Crazy Horse III in Vegas, you will get to see girls who look remarkable like Carmen without any clothes on. Well, you do need to kick in a few dollars to make it happen.

Happy belated birthday, Carmen Electra. Enjoy.