Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni Bikini Pictures for Former First Lady Faptastic Glory

I feel like I may be the only A-list individual not in St. Tropez these days. It’s possible I’m confusing the definition of that term, but my grandmother always said I was on her A-list. That and five dollar checks for my birthday always made her my very favorite person in the whole world. Still, it’s possible she was just trying to build my self-esteem.

Former French first lady and former former model Carla Bruni was in a white bikini on the beach in St. Tropez over the weekend. She’s keeping herself in mighty fine form, if I may say so without being ruder than usual. I wouldn’t say she’s driving me insane with passion, but I would say that when matched up again Hillary Clinton and the other first ladies we’re all familiar with, I’m bolting for Carla’s hand at the bloggers/Former First Ladies dance. Enjoy.

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This week’s Reader Finds includes Maria Menounos flashing her sexy times ten, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee with little on but her ink, Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France, in a topless classic photo, UFC Ring Girl Chandella Powell in a blast from her adult film past, Vanessa Hudgens self-published gun and cheekiness, Alison Brie in a nearly see-through top, China Chow in a definitely see-through top, Candice Swanepoel sexy as a brunette, model Bar Paly flashing her guns, Emma Stone flashing a hint of the sideboob, hot hot Helena Mattson in a lingerie pictorial, Lacey Chabert all cleavy and wonderful, Maryna Linchuk teasy sexy, and Sophie Howard topless in bed. A bundle of babes. 

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Carla Bruni Pregnant Beach Bikini Pictures for the French First Lady Lovers

Well, we’re not likely to see Kate Middleton in a bikini again any time soon, and Michelle Obama, forget about it, so today for your head of state wifely offering, its Carla Bruni, the model spouse (and I mean, model) of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a thoughtful man who understands that reaching the pinnacle of any pursuit means little if you don’t have a hot woman to knock boots with in the evening. While she’s now in a motherly way, hey, that will happen if you keep up that book knocking, Carla Bruni still doesn’t play by the regular First Lady rulebook, instead, choosing to go skimpy bikini. It’s certainly applause-worthy in this world of uptight political elites and their female pant suits. Enjoy.

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Carla Bruni Nipple Poke Pictures Provide French First Lady Hotness

Don’t get me wrong, me and Michelle Obama got a thing going on. Still, when we’re talking presidential wife hotness, I’ve got to give two hands up (not in surrender) to Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France, and her sexy nipple poke pictures. Let’s face it, you’re never going to see headlights on Barak’s wife without secret service access. Politicians generally don’t bag the sexy spouses like your elite athletes or Russian mobsters, but Nick Sarkozy did quite well for his own badself with hottie model, Carla Bruni. Kudos to you, peoples of France.

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More Carla Bruni Bikini Pictures

You’d think that the First Lady of France might have more than one bikini, but it seems that’s not the case, since she’s wearing the same bikini she wore just two weeks ago. Of course, these Carla Bruni bikini pictures are just as hot as the last set, and maybe even hotter. I’ve got no ambitions to go into politics, but if that’s where the hot chicks are, I might have to reconsider.

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Carla Bruni Bikini Pictures = FLILF

We all know what a MILF is. Well, Carla Bruni is a MILF, but she’s also a FLILF. A First Lady I’d like to…. Well, you get the idea. As you can tell by these Carla Bruni bikini pictures, the former Supermodel turned singer turned First Lady of France is one hot piece. And yes, I know that comment is the very definition of being politically incorrect, but would you look at that ass!

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