Carine Felizardo

A Couple Miss BumBum Brazils Gets Topless For Miss Butt Brazil USA Contest in Miami

Miss Butt Brazil Topless in a Bikini on Miami Beach
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You know how fond we are of the Miss BumBum contest down Brazil way, producing a winner of the most asstastic proportions. Well, they decided to export the contest to Miami Beach and declare a Miss BumBum, or Miss Butt Brazil USA. It doesn’t really make much sense, but I guess it’s like just like how we exported Little League to other countries, only this involves major league booty, and a little show and tell topless wonderments from recent Miss BumBum winners Carine Felizardo and Camila Vernaglia.

I’m not sure why the best badonkadonk ladies felt obliged to take off their tops, but, it’s not like I’m going to tell them to control themselves either. You simply can not contain a big-butted Brazilian woman determined to get nekkid. Enjoy.

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