Carice van Houten

Natalie Krill Bare Booty and Carice Van Houton GOT Bare Boobtastic Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Some new faces, err bodies, some veteran revealers of the flesh in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup. If only U.S. standard cable would go for nekkidness, we could have something of a jackpot with all their crazy hot thesapianic cast members.

This week’s Roundup includes Carice Van Houten as the wicked witch of the naughty baring ta-ta’s in Game of Thrones, Natalie Krill showing off her body, though not fully for BBC America in Orphan Black, and Merritt Patterson who I’m desperate to see undressed flashing her bra covered bodacious pair in The Royals. It’s a treat of teats on the small screen. Go forth and enjoy.

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Carice Van Houten, Billie Piper, and Jessica Pare Skin and Cleave It Up in the Boob Tube Roundup

Jessica Pare and Jenny Wade in Mad Men
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Oh, hell0 there little box on my bureau that provides so much special sextastic views of blessedly hot women to me in my NFL licensed pajamas each week. The Boob Tube may have 300 channels of pure junk running at any given time, but some of the channels in that morass of the mundane and blender sales also offers up a bevy of hot to hot nekkid beauties definitely worth perusing with the naughty mind’s eye. Just to save you time, we do a little advanced perusing for you.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes Carice Van Houten topless bathing in the Game of Thrones, Jessica Pare in her threesome underwear scene in Mad Men, Billie Piper topless in Penny DreadfulBrigette Davidovici  flashing her delightfully bare asstastic in Californication, Tatiana Maslany with her own stellar seat in Orphan Black, and some hotties topless thespianics in O Cacador (The Hunter), a new series from the blessed TV minds in Brazil. Check them all out, rinse, repeat. Enjoy.

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January Jones Topless and a Tribute to GOT Topless Goodness in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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With all the hubbub this week in Hollywood about the bleak future of the film industry, I’d like to suggest that perhaps the removal of almost all skin-related content from mainstream cinema might have something to do with turning adults away from the theater-going experience. There are far less actresses baring skin in studio films these days than ever before. Is it any wonder indie films and premium TV are stealing the grown up eyeballs? I have an idea for Hollywood to turn this all around — stop being afraid of sex. It’s 2013. That’s getting so so tired. I’m done.

You know who isn’t scared of the nekkid female form? Our friends at Mr. Skin. They adore it as we do. This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes January Jones in what is certain to become a legendary topless scene in the indie film, Sweetwater, a tribute to the ladies of Season 3 of Game of Thrones who took off their clothes, and a little nod to the topless head-bobbing scene of actress London Gill (aka Dallas West) in This Is The End. Embrace the boobtastic. Enjoy.

(Do not forget dad on Father’s Day this weekend. Your very last chance to buy him an inexpensive, but amazing online gift, a Mr. Skin Membership to do with as he pleased behind his locked door. Yeah, guess that, dads do that too. Just do it.)

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Emilia Clarke and Carice Van Houten Game Up Topless Wonderments in the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO

Emilia Clarke Nekkid Bath Scene in Game of Thrones
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Welcome back, Game of Thrones. Okay, so it didn’t really go anywhere, but it has been a whole week without so much as a beheading, a blood letting, or, most importantly, some sweet bare boobtastic on the small screen courtesy of some medieval hotties like Emilia Clarke and Carice Van Houten, both of whom showed off their tubular tops on this week’s episode.

Joining the gals from GOT in the Boob Tube Roundup is Thandie Newton, once again nekkid in Rogue (though mighty bloody too, be forewarned) and a few shots of some chained heat style toplessness from the new Australian show Wentworth. Okay, it’s actually a reboot of a previous chicks in jail show called The Prisoner, but, the topless goodies are all quite new. Check it all out. Small screen, big payload. Enjoy.

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Boob Tube Roundup Includes Some ‘Game of Thrones’ Dramatic Nekkidness and Some Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavetastic (VIDEO)

Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage Massage in The Client List

I’m not a man who is easily shocked. Okay, sure, any talk by women of female private things does make me light-headed, but as far as scenes on the screen, I’m as even keeled as they come. But this weekend’s Boob Tube offerings just exploded with some truly memorable half and fully nekkid moments including Carice Van Houten giving birth to something wicked in Game of Thrones, Maisie Dee being deliciously spanked (before it gets ugly) in the very dame GOT, Lena Durham on the bottom in a truly funny sex scene from Girls, and Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing her moneymakers in this Lifetime show The Client List that seems like an odd combination of late night Skinemax mixed with Cosmo with a dash of Oprah. It’s all good. Enjoy.

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