Cara Santana

The Art of Elysium Gala Abigail Spencer, Ashley Hinshaw, Camila Alves

The hotties were out in all of their finery for the Art of Elysium Gala this weekend. Abigail Spencer was there wearing a low cut green dress that showed off those amazing ta-tas of hers. Oh, there was cleav to be had, my friends. The dress also gave us a nice view of Abigail’s long luscious legs. As if that wasn’t enough, Ashley Hinshaw was also there looking fine as F. She came and forgot to wear a bra. The result was some spectacular cleavage in an even lower cut dress than Abigail had on. Yummy. Camila Alves was also on hand wearing a sexy lace number that is getting my pressure up. I do love a woman in lace, especially if it’s black lace. Call me old fashioned but that’s just naughty in all the right ways.

I really have to start getting invites to more of these gala events. They get free drinks, all you can eat shrimp buffets, and you get to look at hot chicks. If that isn’t the perfect way to spend an evening I don’t know what is.

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Cara Santana Gets Her Workout In a Sports Bra and Tights

Actress and hot person Cara Santana was spotted leaving the gym in a sports bra and incredibly tight tights. Cara is in pretty amazing shape and her bare midriff is a thing of beauty. She has a serious six pack situation going on. Of all the bare midriffs we cover here on Egotastic, I think her’s is my favorite. She’s also sporting just a sports bra as a top. It looks like it might have been a bit brisk in that gym because she is nipping big time. Cara has got an excellent set of ta-tas on her. It’s tough for a woman to get her boobs to look striking in a sports bra. Usually they get monoboob, but not Cara. That’s a testament to how great her jugs are.

The tights are also very revealing. She’s got some pretty serious camel toe action going on. Like, there is an entire caravan full of camel toe in her pants. The tights also accentuate her shapely booty. God bless women’s sports gear.

Cara Santana Shows Off Her Abs

The lovely Cara Santana showed off her amazing abs in a sports bra in LA. She was leaving the gym wearing a pair of workout pants that were so tight that they look like they were painted on. They did a good job of displaying her shapely booty. As a top she chose to go with just a sports bra. The result was a glimpse at her incredibly toned stomach. Who can blame her for showing it off, it’s friggin’ perfect. If I had abs like that I’d walk around topless all the time. The sports bra also framed her perfectly pert ta-tas in a great way. I first became aware of Cara when I was forced to watch one of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies by my mom. While I did not enjoy the film about talking rat dogs, I did like seeing Cara. I remember thinking, “Wow, that girl is super hot to be in this movie”.

It almost made watching that movie worth it. Almost.

Cara Santana Is Leggy And Barefoot With Ashley Greene In West Hollywood

The lovely Cara Santana took her dog on a barefoot walk with Ashley Greene in West Hollywood. She wore a pair of short shorts like everyone does to walk their dog. They showed off her beautiful, sexy legs. They are seriously perfect gams, as a 1940′s detective might say. Ashley Greene was looking equally hot in workout gear. She was sporting a pair of super tight psychedelic workout pants that showed off every curve of her legs and lady bits area. It’s definitely one of the things I love about LA that you see myriads of hot ladies always going to or coming from exercising. One of the biggest downfalls of living in New York is that girls are usually all bundled up. Thank god for temperate weather and a penchant for tight workout attire.

I can’t say as I approve of her going barefoot though. Streets are filthy places. There is broken glass and dog poop everywhere, especially from chihuahuas…Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Get it? Because she was in those movies.

Cara Santana Sports Bra and Tight Shorts Are My Kind of Workout

If you happen to like hot bodied thespianics in sports bras and equally tight and short shorts heading to the gym, then you’ll lust these shots of Cara Santana showing no noticeable body fat strutting down the street in Studio City. Of all the crazy things, Cara is actually smiling for the cameras as opposed to covering her face with her handbag. This might have something to do with just how amazing she knows she looks. It also reminds me I need to get a handbag for walking to the gym.

I know many people feel a need to rail against the way girls dress these days in public. I don’t know these people or call them my friends and ask that they politely keep their opinions to themselves. We have never lived in better times as it related to the display of hot skin. Let’s not ruin such a wonderful thing as Cara Santana barely dressed and looking ever so confident. Enjoy.

Cara Santana Is All Booty In Tights

Actress and certifiable hot person Cara Santana was spotted in some tights that were…er…tight while leaving the gym in Studio City. She put together this ensemble wanting to look friggin’ sexy rather than what’s best for working out. I’m not sure that wearing something so tight that you can see the outline of everything, (and I do mean everything), helps you exercise better. Her booty looks slammin’, as Theo Huxtable might have said in 1992. It’s the kind of butt that comes from the combination of Latino genes, years of eating arroz every meal, and working out. The working out is crucial or else you just end up looking like all of my not-so-fit cousins. There is also a hint of camel toe in the front as well, which is always nice.

I was looking up her bio to write this and I saw that she stars in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. I saw the first BHC, of course but I’m definitely going to check out the third one if Cara is in it. Do you think I can skip part 2 or am I going to miss any crucial plot elements?

Cara Santana Is Fit as a Fiddle I’d Like to Pluck

Nobody is more enthusiastic about exercise and fitness than yours truly. I don’t really partake myself so much, but I do highly encourage hot looking women to get into tight little revealing outfits and get all sweaty. I think it’s good for my health.

TV thespianic Cara Santana seems pretty darn fit. I’ve been leering over her Spandex covered body just to inspect for any potential areas of improvement and I don’t see much. I’ll keep looking for another hour or two just in case. I like to be thorough when it comes to these matters. Enjoy.