Candace Bailey

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Candace Bailey, Shakira, The Michalka Sisters, and Much Much More…

Oh, blessed mother of self-published pics, how you grace us. There really is no better modern day phenomenon, a billion dollars worth of Instagram phenomenon, than sextastic celebrities shooting pictures of themselves on their camera phones and distributing them out to the world wide digisphere. Wunderbar.  

This weeks Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-shot contributions from G4 hottie hostess, Candace Bailey, some bunny love from Shakira, a couple of at home shots from AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka, Sara Jean Underwood mounting another woman, Kendall Jenner bikini teen delights, and so much more we can’t even list it all. It’s a veritable plethora of personal celebrity pics that must be seen to be appreciated. Enjoy.

Jaime Pressly Bikini Pictures, Adrianne Curry Naughtiness, and Sara Jean Underwood Partying with Friends Headline This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

We are really digging hard on celebrity Twitpics these days; with the ever growing trend of super hotties doing half our work, and taking us deep into their private spaces. Not necessarily the private spaces for which we’d pay a kidney to visit, but private enough to get the cheap thrills that fill our life tanks.

This week’s Celebrity Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Jaime Pressly showing off her hot bikini body, Adrianne Curry getting cheeky with her chest cheeks, Sara Jean Underwood posing with Candace Bailey in a sandwich we’d kill to be the meat in, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing cleavetastic, and much much more. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Candace Bailey Yoga Work Out Will Reverse Your Downward Facing Dog

File this under things that will most definitely make you go ‘damn’.

Attack of the Show hostess and G4 rocking body hottie Candace Bailey did a little on-air yoga demonstration of stretching and straining and limberness that would bring even the most sturdy of gentleman oglers to their shaking knees. I can’t say that I am familiar enough with the ancient art of yoga to name Candace’s various positions, but let’s just shorthand and call them all ‘Climbing Lizard’.

If you don’t experience an enlightening of your groinal region chakra when checking out these Candace Bailey yoga pictures, you need to find more inner lust. Enjoy.

Fanboy Faptastic: Candace Bailey Flashes Her Lingerie Clad Awesome on Attack of the Show

That sound you hear is the collective door slam of one million fanboys in need of privacy in their parents’ house basement bedrooms.

The sextastic hostess Candace Bailey kicked the hotness up another notch, taking the AOTS job formerly held by Olivia Munn and raising it to new heights of ogle-worthiness, decked out in a little bit of lingerie and hoisting some handcuffs. Oh, my, my, my. This is all kinds of imprint permanently on the libido time, I can feel the etching taking place in my brain as we speak. It’s a pleasurable kind of pain. Kind of like being cuffed by Candace.

Do we have a thing for Candace Bailey from Attack of the Show? Who doesn’t?

Candace Bailey vs. Sofia Vergara: Halloween Sexy Cosplay

I know what Solomon would do here. I don’t mean King Solomon, the guy who ruled on splitting the baby, I mean Solomon Janks, my short-time roommate who I came home one night to find with not uno but due girls in our heretofore virginal man-cave, which always reminded me that dudes with real jobs do better with the ladies.

There’s really no way to choose between Attack of the Show hostess hotness Candace Bailey as a naughty cop carrying a dangerous weapon and uber-sextastic Sofia Vergara dressed as a teasing housemaid. But, ’tis the season for costume fun time and I’m quite sure I have enough treats to fill both these contestants’ candy bags. Enjoy.

(If you’re hitting a Halloween party this weekend, please be safe and sane and, remember, don’t start making out with a Catgirl until you’ve done a quick veterinarian inspection below the belt. Or, you’re never going to hear the end of it from your buddies. Trust me.)

READER FINDS: Erica Durance Topless Stills, Serinda Swan Nipple Peek, Candace Bailey Asstastic, Kari Byron MythBosom, Belen Mozo Upskirt, Angel McCord Sex Scene, and More…


There are seventeen reasons I look forward to Fridays. Six of those are chilling in my Craigslist bartered mini-fridge right now, which leaves eleven, well ten if you must know once you count in the NFL preview shows, and one of the top ten reasons for sure if sharing in all the gloriously generous and skin-revealing hotness provided By Our Readers, For Our Readers. It’s the moment each week that I realize now matter how crazy this world gets, it’s still mostly filled with a bunch of good people who love hot women. There is hope in that commonality.

This weeks bevy of the celebrity sextastic includes Smallville actress Erica Durance topless onscreen, Serinda Swan and one beautiful breakout nipple, Candace Bailey from G4TV flashing a fine piece o’ rump,  fanboy favorite Kari Byron just being her chesty self, LPGA golfer Belen Mozo flashing her panties on the course, Angel McCord and Kristen Howe in a Cinemaxtastic lesbionic scene, and a funbag foursome of Rhian Sugden and Lacey Banghard from Page 3. It’s a big lust bucket of stupendous.

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Sara Jean Underwood and Candace Bailey Attack of the Show Outtakes and Oatmeal Wresting (VIDEO)

Do you love when two hot celeb girls fight it out in pools of sticky oatmeal? Be wary of your answer as it is a test of your sanity.

From these behind the scene Twitpics of minxy Sara Jean Underwood and G4TV hostess hottie Candace Bailey, we can tell that working on Attack of the Show is a job most guys probably would not hate. And when the show begins, let the breakfast cereal goo fly as the two catfight it out in a bath of hot mess in what can only be described as a very dirty Quaker Oats dude fantasy. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out more candid shots of Candace and Sara in their oatmeal bath at

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