Camilla Belle

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camilla Bell Headline the Cleavy Goodness at Beverly Hills Gala

Maybe it’s just that these gala committees think I’m not good enough to attend their events, or maybe they just fear I will be peeking my camera inside the tops of their invited female guests (granted, that latter concern seems reasonably valid), but I once again missed my invitation to another fancy formal event in Hollywood last night, the Annenberg Gala, where the girls came out decked to kill.

No two more so than Alessandra Ambrosio and Camilla Belle, a couple of world class hotties who add some deep cleavage to the gala mix. And, yeah, were I there I would be poking around with my camera among other poking things. Still, I’d just like one invite one of these days, if for no other reason than an excuse to bleach my Vans back to a more classy white. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale and Camilla Belle Lead List of Celebrity Hotties at Art + Film Event

According to my singles dating profile (you know, still up there even though there’s a girlfriend because a good fisherman always keeps a freshly baited line in the water) I love museums and hiking. The first makes me sound culturally relevant, the second makes me sound outdoorsy. But I don’t go to the museums, because I like my entertainment to speak back to me in surround sound volumes, and hiking is an an endeavor that became outmoded with the invention of the motorcar, now, it’s purely for urban hipsters and serial killers. Though I do wish I had hiked my sorry ass over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (the dating profile must call it LACMA, like you go there often) over the weekend to the Art + Film gala which brought out an intense bevy of Hollywood beauties in support of what I’m sure was a fantastic cause.

Kate Beckinsale any time, any where, but looking especially hot all red carpeted out in her finest, along with underrated dark beauty, Camilla Belle, Amy Adams who never fails to look like a girl you desperately wish you could hook up with as your summer girlfriend, Kate Hudson fully back from rock star baby making Part 2, Olivia Wilde, cankly but super hot, Reese Witherspoon out of her jogging suit and into a little black dress, and Zoe Saldana, another underrated sexy bomb looking all kinds of hot. Yep, the museum is the place to be, the museum is the place for me. Enjoy.

MILFtastic Jessica Alba Leads Cast of Hotties Dolled Up for Ralph Lauren Event

When Oprah hosts an event, you can count on sextastic female celebrity invites. Let’s face it, Oprah knows hot tail. So when the Big O put on some fancy shindig to honor Ralph Lauren who I guess deserves honoring for inventing Polo for Men, which at least provides a clear marker for identifying dudes you shouldn’t be friends with that much easier, well, the list of hotties was deep.

Led by the returned-to-former hotness glory, Jessica Alba and her newly engorged mama boobs, the event also featured the ogle-worthiness of Camilla Belle, who you only see like once a month, but also looks amazing, V.S. model Lily Aldridge who occasionally takes breaks from banging that dude from Kings of Leon to get all formally hot, Uma Thurman, who like Lily we hardly see these days, but was flashing her still fine body, and Naomi Watts, another veteran hottie gone mostly underground these days, but just blows me away with her sexiness whenever she hits the town (we even added some extra pictures of Naomi headed to tape Jimmy Fallon the day of, because, well just because she’s looking great). Enjoy.

Ali Larter and Zoe Saldana Lead a Gaggle of Celebrity Hotties at The Veuve Clicquot Polo Party

It’s sort of been a long term dream that one day all my hottie celeb favorites show up in their Sunday best for my Polo party, only Veuve Clicquot seems to have already stolen my idea, not to mention the hotties, and I don’t really have access to a Polo field like they do, or the horses, or mallets even, save for my collection of battery-powered authentic light sabers, so, yeah, I got beat to the punch one more time. The good news is, we can still all enjoy a solid leer at the sextastic ladies who made the Veuve event, including desperately MILFtastic Ali Larter, lusciously lean Zoe Saldana, forever hot Camilla Belle, underrated Jaime King, the sultry and boobtastic Sanaa Lathan, and Rachel Zoe, who I really don’t know at all, but I’d consider spending some time with in a broom closet becoming new buddies.

Enjoy your girls of Polo.

Lindsay Lohan, Camilla Belle Lead List of Hotness for Coldplay

Just one guitar, slung way down low
Was a one way ticket, only one way to go

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that if you were in a band you’d get all the hot girls and everybody kind of laughed at you but then it turned out to be totally true? Yeah, well I remember trying to play guitar, bass, drums, sax, harmonica, and even down to tambourine and finally just me and the triangle with which I could almost count a beat. Nada. Nobody would let me in their stupid band.

Had I been successful, perhaps I could have had sexy celebrities lining up by the line-ful to come see me perform, like Coldplay did last night in L.A. that brought out a bevy of babes, including Lindsay Lohan, Camilla Belle, Amber Lancaster, Kate Bosworth and a bunch of other sexy-butted Hollywood girls I’m just too jealous too mention. Enjoy.

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Camilla Belle, Sexy Jezebel

The ongoing Camilla Belle sextastic coming out party has been one of the great surprises of the current new year. For years, we go lean on the sultry actress, then, suddenly, she’s everywhere, half-clad, and she’s looking all kind of hot. These Camilla Belle pictures from the current issue of Jezebel magazine are just the latest example of this rising star’s rise-giving powers. Sure, they’re a bit fancy for us common folk, but us common folk have good imaginations when it comes to mentally disrobing our objects d’ lust. Enjoy.

Camilla Belle In A Short Skirt To Keep the Camilla Belle Hotness Train Rolling

Somebody’s on a super sexy bender this week and her name is Camilla Belle. Wow, it’s like she’s re-blooming before our eyes. First, the bare-midriff on the red carpet, now, the sexy short skirt strutting through parts of Beverly Hills where the paparazzi account for 90% of the foot traffic. Yep, you’re going to get captured on camera, and Camilla Belle knows that, which makes her new found hotness parades that much better. She’s literally demanding some ogling attention. And we’re just the guys to give it to her. I really do think I’m falling in hormonal love with this young actress. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News