Camila and Mariana Davalos

Camila and Mariana Davalos Blessedly Return in a Besame Bikini Photoshoot

Ask and you shall receive. Or beg and pay a little, that helps to in terms of actual receiving. Just when we were bemoaning this week the loss of Mariana Davalos and Camila Davalos from our stage and screen, along come the hottest split zygotes south of the equator in a Besame bikini shoot that shows exactly why I want to be the meat in their body bread sandwich. And, by meat, yeah, I meant meat.

Camila and Mariana Davalos know how to put on a lingerie pimping party like just about no other. The curves of their bodies, the buns and boobtastic on these sisters…¡Dios Mio! Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Nikki Ziering Classic Reveal, the Davalos Twins Lingerie Perfect, Mo’ Mo’ Erin McNaught, Natasza Urbanska Dirty Dancing, Jordan Carver Topless, and Ellen Page Purported Lesbionics


You know how much we love our faithful readers, somewhat more than a fresh gorgonzola, somewhat less than our Playstation, right there in the perfect middle. But, you all rise to game console level fondness each Friday as we review the piles and piles of fleshtastic celebrity content you deliver to our doorstep in warm heaping moundfuls. Yum.

This week’s Reader Finds includes some classic Nikki Ziering nekkids, some newly uncovered Davalos Twins curvy extraordinary lingerie pics, some Erin McNaught additions to the wonderful set from a week ago, Nastasza Urbanska doing some on-floor crotch grabbing, Jordan Carver in maybe her only topless pose ever, and a photo of Ellen Page we’re told confirms her lesbionics (not super shocking).

Check Out All the Deliciously Nekkid Reader Finds
Nikki Ziering in PlayboyEgotastic! loyalist ‘Adam’ simply could not believe that he couldn’t find these classic Nikki Ziering nekkids from her Bunny mag spread on our site; I think he was fuming, perhaps even stewing, well, stew no longer, friend as the blonde bombshell flashes her top and bottom and all other parts of her bodacious body north, south, east, and west, for the benefit of all her love the sextastic.

Camila and Mariana Davalos Compilation PhotosOh, Camila and Mariana Davalos, how you set my Colombian hottie heart afire with all types of sultry lust and desires to pull out the riding crop and enforce some ridiculously random justice upon thine bottomsides. Well, thanks to Egotastic! reader ‘Alejo R.’ we have a few classic, but new to us views of these twins delicious lingerie spectaculars. Silk never ever looked finer on a pair of hottie sisters.

Erin McNaught Topless Photoshoot ExtrasRemember all the way back to a week ago when readers sent in some delightfully topless pictures of Aussie TV actress, Erin McNaught? Personally, it’s burned into my gray matter like a hot sexy perma-brand. Well blessed be EgoSuperFans ‘Mathias G.’ and ‘Jan W.’ for supplementing Ms. McNaught’s super hot topless pictorial stock with these mighty fine skin additions to the collection. We could not be more pleased.

Natasza Urbańska dancingShoutout to all of our Polish friends and readers, most notably today ‘Daniel K’ who insisted we take a gander at Natasza Urbańska, a Polish actress who is high kicking butt on the Polish edition of Dancing with the Stars this season. Apparently, Natasza likes to get a little bit naughty on the dance floor and it’s causing some kind of murmur and uproar over appropriate behavior. Personally, I’ve been hearing those same rumors my whole life; you learn to tune them out. I hope Natasza sticks it right in their face (or mine).

Jordan Carver In Her One and Only Topless Photo? EgoReader ‘Jan W.’ is doubling down this week with a claim that German boobtastic model extraordinaire, Jordan Carver, who claims to have never posed her GG or HH or some huge sized rack without cover for the snappers, may indeed have one topless photo out there. We’re not precisely sure of the accuracy of this claim, bur sure are having a delight inspecting the monster funbag clues.

Ellen Page Kissing a Girl?Finally, from a very excited reader, ‘Veritas’, a pictures that purports to show little indie hottie Ellen Page kissing another girl. These lesbionic rumors have been swirling around Ellen Page for some time now, to which we of course say, unless there are pictures of her nekkid with another woman, it’s none of our concern, and even then, just for faptastic funtime material. So, you know, if you’ve got some of those, please do share. And, enjoy.

Mariana Davalos Goes Twinsless Sexy in Maxim Mexico

I hear tell that one of the sexy Colombian Davalos twins might be out of the modeling game for a while by reason of baby-production; oh, whatever is a solo twin hottie to do? Well, I suppose a sextastic bathing suit spread in Maxim Mexico might just do the trick. Hey, the sexy celebrity world keeps on turning despite the powers of procreation. You can’t deny the world your hotness just because your sister gets knocked up. No, indeed. This is the most appropriate, and, might I say, sexiest response possible. These Mariana Davalos pictures prove the cumulative theory of sexy mathematics, that one hot twin is more than half as hot as both together (okay, so maybe I’ve got my theories mixed up, I am riding a double day hangover of epic proportions). Enjoy.

Mariana and Camila Davalos Besame Lingerie Photoshoot: Because We Miss Our Favorite Twins

It’s been too long since I’ve laid eyes on the asstastic of the Colombian (by way of Kentucky) Twin phenoms known as the Davalos twins, Camila Davalos and Mariana Davalos. You could search the globe a thousand times for nicer rumps and curvy bodies to model your lingerie and may never find anything quite as nice. I say this having searched the globe my entire life for such rumps. These Davalos Twins pictures from a Besame Lingerie shoot are how I want to spend my Friday ogle time, every day of the week. Enjoy.

Camila and Mariana Davalos Almost Nude, Definitely Buttastic Pictures Drive Me Tan Loco

Mas mas Davalos. Yeah, that doesn’t rhyme in any language, but I’m quite sure I’ve come down with an incurable case of trans-continental lust for these Latina twin super sexy models. I checked with my doctor, but all he could do was drop his stethoscope and ogle the amazing bodies of these showering sisters and tell me I would likely survive. I’m thinking at this point I need to make a trip to Colombia, to face the source of my torment, Camila and Mariana Davalos, just ridiculously hot and sexy and curvy and Sudamericana caliente hermanas. Pronto. Enjoy.

Camila Davalos And Her Curvy Body Makes a Lingerie Runway Appearance (VIDEO)

Given the strong response to the full-bodied identical twin booty and boobies of Camila and Mariana Davalos, I couldn’t help but post this slow-motion catwalk of Camila Davalos (or is it Mariana?) slinking her voluptuous body for Besame Lingerie and a number of very lucky male participants.

On my often-men-love-women-more-than-women-love-women note of the day: one of the benefits of our international exploration of female celebrity hotness has been seeing the fuller-bodied women outside the U.S. Curves is good. Very good. Eat yourselves a sandwich every now and then, American celebrity women. We men will still adore you.

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Camila and Mariana Davalos Lingerie Pictures Are Identically Caliente


I have this dream where I’m dating this ridiculously hot Latina girl and one night we get down to the business of the making of the love, all night, intense, crazy, passion, moans, vegetables, discussions of baseball statistics to prolong our pleasures. Then, in the morning, mi amor reveals that she is actually the twin sister of the girl I’m really seeing and she’s played a horrible joke on me and she breaks down in tears for her cruel and elaborate ruse. For my part, I stand next to the half-naked doppelganger and pretend that I’m shocked and dismayed while I try to disguise my big-ass smile.

Que culos bonitas! Okay, check my Spanish on that. If that means, oh, man, check out those hot butts on these two amazing Colombian model twin sisters, then my eight year years of Spanish learning in the public school systems of Los Estados Unidos have not been entirely wasted. Camila Davalos and Marianna Davalos are identical in every way. Well, not every way, but that’s for me to know and you to find out. These two lingerie models are a very pleasant road side respite on our ceaseless journey to find the biggest boobs names in Latina world hotness. Enjoy.

(Shoutout to Egotastic! loyalist, Alfonso Alonzo, for giving us the head’s up on these Southern Hemisphere sexy siren lookalikes!)