Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Bikini Pictures Raise the Yellow on the Sunshine State

I believe I may be the only person in the world not currently in Miami dressed in a bikini. And, god knows, the city of Miami pays me a small fortune to keep it that way.

Cameron Diaz was hard to miss on South Beach in her bright yellow bikini; the kind of bikini Cameron Diaz has been looking amazing in probably for about twenty years now, though the earlier part of that run we probably would have had to have no official comment. Cameron seemed alone on the beach this weekend, so I'm guessing A-Rod had to take a break from his 24x7 booty knocking of the Bad Teacher to go play some baseball or something.

Cameron Diaz still captures the attention of the gentleman on the beach. She always has, I suppose she always will. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News

CANDID: Cameron Diaz And Her (A-Rod) Banging Bikini Body

Though rumored to have taken a break from their torrid sex-affair, it seems that veteran blonde Bad Teacher hottie, Cameron Diaz, and Yankees prolific hot celeb banger, Alex Rodriguez, are still going hot and heavy and in and out, as evidenced from coupling waterplay pictures over the weekend, the best of which caught Cameron in a little white bikini. The couple tried desperately to hide from the paparazzi, but were no match for telescopic cameras which can pick up Neptune on a clear night, and reached out across the horizon to catch these blurry, but distinctive image of the bikini-clad Cameron. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Movie Roundup Features Cameron Diaz, Emily Mortimer, and Anne Heche (VIDEO)


By Wednesday, I was dragging, by Thursday, pretty much straight Adderall, but, blessed blessed Friday, the last day before the more lawful days of drinking and lounging, and, most definitely, cinematic time, with a helpful preview of the weekend in movieville from our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute.

This week's min-of-skin includes a DVD suggestion for Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz, a reach, but a nice reach, to see Emily Mortimer, and some Anne Heche skin-time opportunities.

Cameron Diaz Short Skirt and See-Through Top for Bad Teacher Premiere

Cameron Diaz has been on some whirlwind kind of tour pimping Bad Teacher this week on all seventeen continents, seemingly in five cities a day around the globe, teeing off her starring film role debuting this Friday. The road has taken its weary toll on Cameron, but we did think she looked particularly nice, her long muscular legs most especially in this short skirt, at her New York City film premiere last night. There's no doubt she's getting the benefits of working out with A-Rod (no, not that kind of workout, though he is clearly knocking the stuffing out of her). Enjoy.

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