Cameron Diaz

The Counselor Trailer is Full of MILF-tastic Win (VIDEO)

Cameron Diaz in Some Spectacular Car Crawling Action

The Counselor hadn’t been on our radar until we saw this trailer today. Seriously. And all it took was eight to ten nanoseconds of Cameron Diaz‘s sure-I’ve-still-got-an-amazing-ass ass crawling up the hood of a convertible.

It’s a movie that Ridley Scott made and that Cormac McCarthy wrote? Who would want to see a thing like that? Oh…wait. Every self-respecting dude with any taste in good movies. What the hell have we been paying attention to, if not this? Probably too many superheroes.

The Counselor answers the very pressing question, ‘How do you go about becoming a drug cartel lawyer?’ with Michael Fassbender in the lead role. Rounding out the cast of novelist McCarthy’s first spec script are Diaz, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Game of Thrones stunner Natalie Dormer. Oh, and because he’s bound by law to be in everything now, Brad Pitt.

When Penelope Cruz asks you, ‘Have you been bad?’ You. Say. Yes.

Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz White Bikini Showdown on Set of ‘The Other Woman’

Right there in the script where it says Kate Upton character and Cameron Diaz character hang out on the beach in little white bikinis, right there is where I’m hooked. I don’t need big CGI effects or exploding buildings or special surround sound, I just need a director of photography training his expensive camera on the sextastic parts of these two blonde hotties, two decades apart in age, but only inches away from each other in my special fantasy time arrangements.

Giggling around on the sand on the set of The Other Woman, Kate Upton and her amazing bikini body and Cameron Diaz and her long legs and still nice little veteran tush, remind us that most things in life are truly simple. We just feel a need to complicate them with a whole bunch of unnecessary details. Details I’d like to strip away in my trailer when Kate and Cameron come by to run lines with me. If the trailer is a rockin’ do not come a knockin’.  Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Flashes Her Long Lustable Legs as ‘The Other Woman’

Cameron Diaz was in The Hamptons filming on the set of The Other Woman and showing off some serious legs, the passion inducing stems she’s been exhibiting for going on 20 years now really. Quite spectacular.

While I have never ever liked any film set in The Hamptons ever, I have never really stopped feelings of longings for the blonde model and actress. There was that rough patch during the A-Rod she-banging days, but Cameron seems fully recovered and primed to become a major player on the veteran hottie tour. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Braless on Set, Why Not

It’s hard to tell, but I think Cameron Diaz has mostly fully recovered from her long term she-banging relationship with Alex Rodriguez, a man with a reputation for ruining many a woman with his particular appetites (though not really so much an appetite for earning his baseball contract). Cameron had a little raggedy period there during the A-Rod timeframe, but she seems to have recovered to the point that I’m now leering at her close enough to notice that she seems to be without an undergarment beneath her sweatshirt on the set of her new movie.

Cameron always has been something of a free spirit and it’s nice to see her return to form. Or forms, if you look closely enough. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Covered Topless and Artsy for Interview

I’m going to be honest. I mean I’m always honest, but sometimes, like telling a girl with thicker thighs that she looks great in those new summer shorts, well, honesty has different shades to it. And, honestly, Cameron Diaz has not looked so great of late. And I speak of a woman for whom many a man has been lusting since The Mask days or even before. We blame A-Rod, because Cameron’s time banging four times a day with the P.E.D. powered baseball player, not to mention three times a day hardcore workouts, seemed to just wear the shit out of her. Not sure any of us would come gracefully through that trial.

But, Cameron is back, in Interview magazine, and, yeah, it’s kind of artsy and female hair driven, but it’s also reminiscent of some of the reasons we first fell for Cameron, and still root for her veteran comeback into her 40′s. The skills never leave, sometimes you just need to shake off the rust. Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Photographs Hot and Sexy for Esquire UK

Despite some serious signs of tailing off as she hit 40, and being tagged by Alex Rodriguez thrice a day, in between grueling workouts and injections that I’m sure we’re all on the up and up, Cameron Diaz continues to photograph extremely well. She always has, the model turned actress born with the gift for looking good on camera captures, a skill that eludes so many truly sexy women.

In this month’s edition of Esquire UK, Cameron Diaz puts out one of her finest pictorials in a very long time. Yes, there’s been a little touching and brushing and shading, BUT, the fact remains, Cameron Diaz still brings a lot to the modeling table. And some of these shots are truly fapalicious. Enjoy.

Check out the complete Women We Love feature on Cameron Diaz in Esquire UK.

Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz White-Clad Hotties on the U.K. Red Carpet for ‘What to Expect…’

My mom used to say, ‘to be forewarned is to be forearmed’. Sadly, I didn’t understand what she meant, or why she’d smack me with a wooden spoon across the neck about thirty seconds after saying this and then have a laugh to herself. I was a slow kid. But, as to the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting, you’ve been forewarned, all ye who walk with something that dangles between your legs. And, please, don’t send me your notes about some literal tit-for-tat program where you agreed to go with your girl to this movie in order to get some nookie. Unless you’re getting the hummer of the century right then and there, in the movie theater, during the fifteenth joke about baby poop, you, sir, are not excused.

Nevertheless, chick flick equals hotties, so we do pay some attention to all the brouhaha marketing campaigns around such films, and the U.K. premiere last night where all the women were instructed to wear white, because that’s pregnancy colors or something, but Cheryl Cole sure looked might hot in her get-up, as did Cameron Diaz, for whom I would like to retract the rumor that we started here at Egotastic! that Cameron wears pants now to public events in case her vagina falls out. I talked to my gyno doctor friend and he assured me that no matter how much sex a woman has, her vagina will not drop like spent rifle round to the floor. And, beside, Cameron looked pretty good. Enjoy.