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Brooke Mueller Busted for Punching and Snorting in Aspen

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Apparently, even after all the time she's been spending with Kathy and Richard Hilton, Brooke Mueller didn't learn the most valuable lesson the Hilton heirs imparted on their own daughter Paris years ago -- when 5-0 arrives, you've got to quick stash the ill-gotten booty in the lady nest. Charlie Sheen's highly troubled ex-wife (and, being called highly troubled relative to Charlie Sheen, that's a something) got popped in Aspen last night for possession of nose candy at a nightclub and for assaulting another woman earlier in the evening at another bar. Had she gone down sloppy on a frat boy in the alley behind the club, she would have had the trifecta of celebrity drug-breakdown evenings.

Someday, some judge is going to standup to these celebrities and admit that all the leniency granted to them in the past has only effed them up even further. 

Oh, and file this under the category of no kidding, the nightclub where Brooke got nailed for the cocaine is called Escobar.

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Brooke Mueller Flashes Her See-Through Twin Treats at Children’s Charity Event



There's no way you would've guessed Charlie Sheen's beleaguered ex-wife and mother of his twin boys would be winning this year's award for most inappropriate Halloween costume, but Brooke Mueller did at the Dream Halloween fundraiser over the weekend by flashing her flesh puppies nearly full on beneath a rather sheer top with no bra support on the interior, I suppose much to the surprise of the many children in attendance (and to the delight of their dads). While it's hard to say if Brooke's exhibitionism was a true wardrobe malfunction or she just wanted to bring a little holiday sunshine to the otherwise serious children's charity event, one thing is for sure, sometimes, no costume is the best costume of all. Winning.