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50th Annual Grammy Awards Mega Picture Post

Another year, another Grammy Awards show, and another three hours wasted. Once again Kanye talks out of his ass, a bunch of people you don’t care about read canned scripts (poorly) off a telepromter, and your favourite bands and singers are so far removed from anyone voting for the Grammys, that you don’t even know why you bothered to watch. At least I don’t. When the best part of the show is a jazz musician and a Chinese pianist playing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, that says a lot about the music industry these days (not that there’s anything wrong with Gershwin).

But you didn’t come to here me bitch about another lame award show. Or did you? No, you came to see what all the ladies were wearing, and that’s one thing Egotastic! can provide. Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Rihanna, Fergie, Carrie Underwood, my new favourite super-cutie, Taylor Swift, and more were in attendance, so hit the link below for the full gallery.

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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures

You know, you’ve really got to hand it to the surgeon who performed Brooke Hogan’s sex change surgery. That guy did a great job. I mean, in these Brooke Hogan bikini pictures, you can hardly tell that she used to be a man. A little nip here, a tuck there, breast implants, a shaved chin (I’m talking about the bone, not the hair), and the ultimate snip-snip, and there you have it: a post-op transexual almost capable of fooling us into believing he’s a she. Oh the marvels of modern medicine.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Brooke Hogan Bikini and New Boobs

Here’s Brooke Hogan in her bikini, and for some reason, there is chatter amongst the other blogs that perhaps Brooke Hogan’s breasts may not actually be real. Shocking! A bleach blonde, Beverly Hills bimbo with fake boobs!? I would never have thought.

Of course her breasts are fake. Nothing about this girl is real, especially not her breasts. But I don’t blame her. It’s hard to go through life with smaller breasts than your father.

Photo credit: Flynet