Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan Nude in Playboy? No, Thanks.

File this one under “I Really Hope Not,” and “Do We Really Need to See This?” but we may very well see Brooke Hogan nude in Playboy magazine. I know… The New York Daily News is reporting that Playboy has made an offer to have the She Hulk pose naked, but Brooke hasn’t decided yet.

Brooke Hogan has been approached to pose nude for the famous men’s magazine, her publicist told the Daily News on Wednesday. And she didn’t say no.

The “Brooke Hogan Knows Best” star, 20, could use a boost for her stagnant singing career. Hogan’s 2006 album “Undiscovered” reportedly sold just 127,000 copies.

“No decision has been made at this time,” her rep said.

Okay, first of all, I’m pretty sure that Playboy has some kind of form letter that they send out to any and all moderately famous women. Which, of course, begs the question once again, is Brooke Hogan really a woman. Although, I suppose if for no other reason, as a purely academic endeavour, seeing Brooke Hogan naked could finally settle the debate. Still, there are some questions in this world that are better left unanswered.

Now, depending on whether or not you actually think Brooke Hogan is attractive, you’ll either use these Brooke Hogan bikini pictures as an inspiration for what her Playboy spread might look like, or be horrified beyond belife, and end up puking in the bathroom. The ones where she’s hanging upside down from the tree branch should be particularly effctive.

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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures Continue to Confuse

The confusions continues with yet another set of Brooke Hogan bikini pictures that will have you scratching your head over what it is you’re looking at. Is it a hot girl with a good body? Or… Something else? It’s hard to know, really. All I know is I probably wouldn’t like it if it got angry.

There are lots more Brooke Hogan bikini pictures from her pool in Miami after the jump, if you’re brave enough.

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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures That Are Actually Kinda Almost Sexy

What’s this? Could it be? Do my eyes deceive me, or does Brooke Hogan actually look sexy in these bikini photoshoot pictures? I know the joke about her looking like a man is old, and what not, but clichés are clichés for a reason. But here, I’ve got to say, I’m not getting that man vibe. I’m getting very masculine woman, but not full on man. But seriously, these are actually pretty hot. From the neck down.

At least it’s not pictures of Hulk Hogan rubbing daughter Brooke Hogan’s ass.

Brooke Hogan Gets Photoshopped, Almost Looks Like a Girl

I was gonna write something about how Brooke Hogan actually looks kind of hot in these pictures from the July issue of Maxim magazine, but then I realized that can’t be Brooke Hogan, because the person in those pictures actually looks like a girl. If it really is Brooke, then Maxim must have paid a lot of money for the airbrushers to work their magic, and it looks like they would have needed quite a few heavy-duty spells.

Brooke Hogan’s Ass Gets a Rub from… Her Dad!?

Okay, I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth. I’m not sure what Hulk Hogan thinks he doing here, but that’s his daughter, Brooke Hogan’s ass that he’s rubbing down so hard. He probably just got confused because his girlfriend is the the other blonde, manish-looking girl. It just so happens that she looks EXACTLY like Brooke Hogan. I mean, anyone who was dating a girl who could be his daughter’s twin would make the same mistake, right? Seriously, I’m going to throw up.

See if you can tell the two blonde man-ladies apart in the pictures below. I couldn’t.

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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictrures

What can you say about Brooke Hogan bikini pictures that won’t equate her to a steroid-popping, 250 Lbs lifting, muscle man? Not much, unfortunately. At least she didn’t inherit her father’s mustache. Not sure about the rest.

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Brooke Hogan’s Bikini Boobs Take Flight

I’m not sure exactly what Brooke Hogan is trying to prove in these bikini pictures, but I think it’s either A) She can fly, 2) Her breasts are real, 3) She is not actually a man. Sadly, on all 3 counts, she fails.

First of all, valiant effort on the whole trying to fly thing, but gravity’s a bitch. It sucks. Second, could Brooke Hogan’s breasts be any more fake (he said in a Chandler Bing voice)? And third, lifting a guy up on your back and carrying him around the beach probably isn’t the best way to get people to think you are not a dude.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in these Brooke Hogan bikini pictures, but whatever it is, it has me transfixed.

Photo credit: INF Photo