Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns Bikini Pictures More than Bay-Watchable in Maui

Baywatch alum and super-hot MILF, Brooke Burns chose the third celeb destination option this winter holiday (not Miami, not Barbados, but Maui, well, okay, Aspen too, but we care so much less about places where the girls bundle up in five layers of clothes) and flashed her sextastic mom bikini body along with her new fiance, film director Gavin O’Connor (just made Warrior, which we loved, but we of course omitted him from our photos).

For those carefully watching the unending flow of hottie celeb bikini pictures the past week or so, I hope you’re starting to notice the new trends in bikini colors and patterns this season. Or, if you’re like me, perhaps you’re just soaking in the fun time of ogling a bunch of super hot moms flashing some amazing bodies along the sand and surf. Not all that is hot is young and inexperienced. The moms are owning this bikini holiday season. Enjoy.

Brooke Burns Returns To Egotastic! with Hot Hawaiian Bikini Candids

Wow, it’s been a good long while since we’ve seen bikini TV veteran Brooke Burns in these here parts, but if I may say so, she’s been holding up quite nicely during her absence, or at least holding her own in the gym (though she could definitely use a couple sandwiches — too skinny).  Seen here in these bikini candids, the former Baywatch co-star smiled for the leering public eager to get a looksee at her beach body after a few years in hiding. Checks out A-Ok for me on this end. But I better look for a couple more hours, close-up, before I give my final evaluation. Welcome back, Brooke Burns. Enjoy.

Brooke Burns Bikini Pictures

I can’t for the life of me remember what Brooke Burns is famous for, and I don’t much feel like checking up IMDB, but who really cares. All that matters is that we’ve got some Brooke Burns bikini pictures. And as you already know, celebrity bikini pictures are a big thing around here.

That being said, I can’t say that Brooke Burns is looking the best I’ve ever seen her. I mean, check out her legs. You could drive a truck through the gap between her legs (no, not that gap, you sicko). And I know I post a lot of pictures of skinny chicks, but really, a cheeseburger. That’s all it takes.

And no, I don’t know why she’s doing the Nazi salute…

Lots more Brooke Burns bikini picutres after the jump.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News