Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Forty and Faptastic in Fitness Magazine Outtakes

I’m not sure how many voodoo charms or sacrificed animals (or people) this is taking, but Brooke Burke and her eternal hotness must continue on. The forty-year old TV personality and model and just super hot mom looks like college aged hottie in these exclusive outtakes from her fitness magazine photoshoot. I can never remember if she’s had like eleven or eighty-five kids or something like that, but she’s obviously been put on this planet with some form of advanced genetics to lead the species into its next significant round of evolution. Which, for the record, if all the women start looking like Brooke Burke, is going to be a seriously overpopulated planet.

I’m ready to make baby #37 with Brooke Burke right this…yep, right now. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke’s Still Got It (And We Still Want It)

Thank heavens for sexy celebrities you undressed in your fantasies more than a decade ago still being hot today

Brooke Burke at 40 still haunts my every waking naughty dreams. There’s really no slowing down this super fit sextastic celebrity with the legs and the body and the hither may come eyes. Oh, yeah, she may have changed her last name recently and she may be the mom of like seventeen kids, but that doesn’t take away from us the right to imagine Brooke, a bikini, a deserted island, and the powerful instincts of nature to produce even more offspring in the thatched roof hut we learned how to build on Discovery Channel.

Oh, Brooke, it’s been a ten-year long, up and down ride, I hope it never ends. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke MILF Island Bikini Madness, I Pray It Never Ends

2011 continues to be the Year of the MILF, in no small part recently due to the extended St. Barth’s bikini vacation of one very hot mama, Brooke Burke, and her long time boyfriend and new husband who kindly steps out of the picture frames for our telescopic fantastiques. I’d call Brooke Burke inhumanly hot if it weren’t for the very human feelings that swell up inside about seeing her amazingly hot veteran celeb body, the boobtastic, the butt-side funside, the entire package of hot -PTA-mom in a bikini delights. Whatever it is you do to keep looking this way, Brooke, please double it. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Almost Bikini Top Drop Is Almost Awesome

The Brooke Burke bikini vacation continues in the South of France with even more asstastic, more MILFtastic delights, and an almost-awesome wonderment of a dropped bikini top from the former E! Hostess and world’s most prodigious hot mama. I call Brooke Burke ‘five tears’ because of how many droplets of happiness stream down my cheek every time I see Brooke  in hardly any clothing.

Give me a woman with a hot tan, a killer body, and the wisdom of a few years any day and I’ll be quite gracious. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures Heat Up the Tropics

Not to be outdone by Erin Heatherton on the very same island, Brooke Burke took to the shorelines of the Caribbean with her husband (who killed a bulk of our great photos of Brooke, thanks, douche) to flash her inexplicably hot MILFtastic bikini body and mostly just make every other woman on the beach insanely jealous. Brooke Burke seems completely untouched by Father Time and Mother Baby; it’s quite possible she even birthed out six more pups on this very same vacation, but still manages to look ridiculously sexy in her skimpy swimsuit. It’ truly a blessing not in disguise. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Works Her Body And Blows Your Mind

Did I mention today was ridiculously hot MILFtastic Tuesday? It’s official now, with these Malibu beach workout pictures of Brooke Burke, and a guy who actually gets paid to build and rub her muscles (as if I wouldn’t give my life’s fortune, or approximately $17. to have that job), stretching, shaping, and toning one of the hottest mom bodies in Hollywood. I always joke about Brooke Burke having had twenty-seven children, not true. But she has pushed four puppies down Reproductive Boulevard and, well, her body is downright extraordinary. Undoubtedly, the most flexible woman on the PTA and a celebrity hotties whose every lunge, crunch, and squat, lives forever in my libido. You go, Brooke. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Boobtastic Puts the Mmm in MILFtastic

As you may know, each month, a small mountain of women’s magazines arrives at the doorstep of my quaint pied-à-terre, a time at which I must brave the taunts of the neighborhood middle school boys to retrieve my periodicals, only to be met by the sweet relief of locking myself into my abode for several days of page turning. Beyond the perfume sample scents and the wonderful ideas for looking fabulous at forty or dropping 15 lbs. in the last week before my wedding, there are the bevy of beautiful celebrities not originally intended for the male viewer, but those which I know deserve sharing among the more hirsute gender.

Case in point, Brooke Burke in Redbook. Oh, sure, Brooke Burke and her ridiculously hot body after bearing something like 17 children naturally through her motherly pipes is an inspiration to women everywhere. But she’s also hella hawt and a boobtastic fantastic celebration for the optical nerves of the gentleman ogler. Booke Burke in a bra top jogging, and smelling like eau d’ toilette, right here on the pages of my Redbook. All I need is a pint of Hagen Daaz and I’m in heaven. Enjoy.