Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures MILFtastic Poolside Down Cabo Way

You can count on two things when a sextastic celebrity. One, they will wear a stupid hat to prevent the sun from touching their skin, you know, despite the fact that they’ve traveled to a foreign beach resort to be under the hot sun. And two, we will capture them from a good distance and our tree lined telescopic lenses. So, without further ado, the beautiful, delicious, and all around veteran MILFtastic hottie Brooke Burke, somewhat blurry, but in a bikini, never out of our lust-fileld focus.

Brooke has borne something close to twenty-seven children, but still always looks amazing. If we had sharper images, you could examine her hot mommy perfection more closely. But I’d use the low resolution to fill in the blanks with your imagination of a sweet maternal figure needing a break from the kids, perhaps a bubble bath with my oversized loofah for 45 minutes? I assure you, Brooke, I shall not miss a spot. Oh, we do so love Brooke Burke. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Camel Toe Is A Sextastic Sign of Her Full Body Recovery

We had quite a scare there this past year with Brooke Burke and cancer. But she came through it with flying healthy colors, and is back in black and flashing camel toe betwixt her blessed yoga stretch pants on her way out of class.

Now, I’m no doctor, though I do pretend to be one when out at bars hitting on women, so I’m pretty certain that a vibrant camel toe is a sure sign of good health on a woman. At least, that’s what I tell the girls outside the gym who naively let me inspect because I’m wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. Seeing it certainly makes me feel more alive.

Glad to have you and your ‘toe’ back to full strength, Brooke. Bless you. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Sports Bra for a Happy Happy MILFtastic Comeback from Cancer

We were worried there for a bit end of last year as one of our favorite veteran hotties and mother of like seventeen children, Brooke Burke had a little run in with the Big C. But, apparently, surgery and elsewise all went smashingly and our belusted Brooke is back to being one of the motherly vixens with the hot body we most definitely love to leer.

To drive home her happily healthful condition, Brooke strutted about Malibu over the weekend in her sports bra top, reminding everybody that even after a bushel full of puppies birthed and a few veteran years on her body, you know you still want her badly. Well, I know I do. Welcome back, Brooke. Enjoy.

Did You Thank Your Mom For Christmas? We Thank a Bunch of Hot Celebrity Moms Just in Case

Let’s be real. Moms make the holidays. The food, the presents, the decorations, paddleboarding Uncle Stu who goes off his low-carb diet at the Yuletide. Moms got it going on at Christmas.

And you know our fondness for all things hot mama, MILFtastic, and otherwise passion-inducing ladies who have experienced the miracle of childbirth, and whose gynecological exams we’d like to undertake without aid of medical instrument, or lights for that matter. Well, we figured Christmas time made perfect sense to celebrate sextastic mommies like Heidi Klum, Brooke Burke, Miranda Kerr, and so many other child-bearing hotties who give us the maternal chills all year long.

Check out our list and see if your Ay, Mami! favorite made the mommy cut.

Shoutout to Brooke Burke Hotness; Get Well Soon, Brooke!

A day after a successful cancer surgery, we are nothing but relieved for one of our all-time veteran hottie favorite, Brook Burke.

Hey, the only acceptable way to lose a citizen of Hottieville is by way of excessive doughtnuts (Jessica) or perhaps excessive use of illicit substances (Lindsay). But that’s it. And while Mother Nature is pretty arbitrary in dispensation of illness, we always hope it steers clear of our delicious lady friends. The world needs beautiful women now more than ever.

Take a look at some of our favorite pics of Brooke Burke and see why we get so emotional any time we hear she’s in any kind of danger.

Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Melt Beach Volleyball Gold

As much as we’ve been eating up shots of the international young lasses and their fine arses on the Olympic Beach Volleyball sandscape this past week in London, I’d trade them all in and even my room temperature pint of bitter for a sweet and succulent romancing of the forty-year-old mother of twenty-seven kids, Brook Burke, and her tirelessly hot bikini body.

Playing a set of beach volleyball herself this weekend in Malibu, Brooke Burke reminds us that veteran hotness, tight butts, and amazingly fit bikini bodies are right here in our own backyard. So, you can have your Treanor and Walsh, I’ll take Brooke and a soapy loofa sponge and a privacy curtain, please.

Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures Prove That a Floppy Hat and Sunglasses Can Actually Hide Hot Chicks Too

Most definitely include Brooke Burke in our list of super hot celebrity babes who’ve reached 40 with no signs of slowing down in the wood-inducing department. Caught candidly poolside in Miami in her bikini, the sextastic mom of like 19 kids or so just continues to show that age is just a number, like the near perfect 10 of hotness Brooke exudes every time she flashes delicious amounts of skin.

Now we are ever cautious here of the hat-and-big-sunglasses cover-ruse pulled by ladies at the pool and beach; many a time we’ve been in a vacation situation where those disguises come off and we realize that who we thought was the hottie of our dreams turns out to be a girl who unnervingly resembles our grade school janitor, Klaus, but with a woman as smoking as Brooke Burke, rest assured, those hat and glasses coverings are merely there to keep you from man-handling yourself to death at the sight of her tanned goodness. Enjoy.