Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Booty In Tights Shopping At The Malibu Farmers Market

The classic hall of fame hottie Brooke Burke was spotted in tights and workout gear buying fruit and whatnot at the Malibu Farmer's Market. She was sporting a pair of very tight tights. There is a bit of the toe of the camel to be had in the front and booty cleft hugging action in the back. I applaud her initiative in wearing such revealing pants. She also had on a sports bra top and tank that could barely conceal her mammoth jubblies. I'm not entirely sure that these clothes are good for exercising in, but then again, who cares? As the philosopher David Lee Roth once said, "It's not what you do that matters it's how good you looked." Words to live by, Diamond Dave. If that's the case than Brooke has no problems because she looks hot as F.

I wish people looked like that at my farmer's market. Here it's just a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters trying to pick out kale for their "like, totally fetch kale salad" or whatever. If more people there looked like Brooke Burke at the farmer's market I wouldn't avoid it like a case of the herp.

Brooke Burke, Bare Midriff, Toned, Wicked Mommy Boobtastic Hot

Like that fine wine, Brooke Burke is only getting hotter and I want to steal her off the shelves and gulp her down with gusto while the sommelier runs about wondering where his claret has gone.

Brooke was out and about in Malibu over the weekend, showing her tremendous progress back to 110% body health and lust inducement, with strong arms I want to grab me and make me do horrible things that I read about in all those stranger danger books as a child. Just look at those motherly mamms packed barely into her Spandex top. I'm sure there are some downsides to Brooke being your mom, like fighting off all the handsy oglers, but I'd take that deal in a second. No offense to my own mum, I just want a tummy rub from Brooke for a couple or three nights. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke MILFtastic Workout Posing for Skechers

When I see Brooke Burke, that song I Will Always Love You comes into my head as I imagine finding a sitter for Brooke's thirteen to twenty-two kids she has birthed and renting a room for two at some upscale roadside motel. You know, the kind that breaks the $49,95 price barrier I usually restrict myself too with ordinary dates. Brooke Burke is hardly ordinary, the 40-something MILF showing off her toned body, recovered from all that child making, not to mention a scare with cancer, just still lust-inducing exceptional showing off for a Skechers ad shoot in Los Angeles.

Hot women don't get older, they only get more worldly and desirable. Brooke Burke is the classic example of a woman more smoking than ever before. And I'm not just saying that so she'll choose me to be her boy toy on the side. I don't want to ruin her marriage, just make it better by taking pressure off her husband to satisfy her sexual peaking years desires. I am a helper. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Is Back (Not That She Ever Left)

We had a little scare there with our belusted super MILF Brooke Burke last year, but if he was ever gone, and she never was from our lust-filled hearts, the mom of like eighteen children is back and better than ever in tight stretch pants and a sports bra showing that 42 is the new 'oh, my god, I want to see you nekkid so badly'.

Brooke Burke has always been a fine workout specimen. What amazes most is just how long she's been able to keep that dream body of hers looking so damn good. It's probably lots of sweat and hard work and other things I can't personally abide, but I'm so damn glad Brooke does. She looks incredibly healthy to me. Naturally, I'd need to conduct a more thorough inspection before I sign off on anything stating so. We could start beneath those stretch pants, just for expediency sake. Enjoy.

Julianne Hough Sweet Booty Body in Yoga Pants, But Is She Tights Finer than Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooke Burke?

It was quite a weekend for blessed yoga pants on some of our most sextastic favorite celebrities. All the ladies are wearing this wonderful wardrobe invention nowadays, flashing booty and camel toe and lots of fun toned leg sights in betwixt. Julianna Hough (above) looked downright edible in her stretch pants over the weekend, but was it enough to conquer the likes of V.S. model Alessandra Ambrosio in hers...

Or to tackle super MILFtastic veteran Brooke Burke?

Bless you, whoever created stretch pants and convinced hot women to start wearing them openly out and about. It's really one of the greatest social advances of our lifetimes.

Brooke Burke Bikini Pictures MILFtastic Poolside Down Cabo Way

You can count on two things when a sextastic celebrity. One, they will wear a stupid hat to prevent the sun from touching their skin, you know, despite the fact that they've traveled to a foreign beach resort to be under the hot sun. And two, we will capture them from a good distance and our tree lined telescopic lenses. So, without further ado, the beautiful, delicious, and all around veteran MILFtastic hottie Brooke Burke, somewhat blurry, but in a bikini, never out of our lust-fileld focus.

Brooke has borne something close to twenty-seven children, but still always looks amazing. If we had sharper images, you could examine her hot mommy perfection more closely. But I'd use the low resolution to fill in the blanks with your imagination of a sweet maternal figure needing a break from the kids, perhaps a bubble bath with my oversized loofah for 45 minutes? I assure you, Brooke, I shall not miss a spot. Oh, we do so love Brooke Burke. Enjoy.

Brooke Burke Camel Toe Is A Sextastic Sign of Her Full Body Recovery

We had quite a scare there this past year with Brooke Burke and cancer. But she came through it with flying healthy colors, and is back in black and flashing camel toe betwixt her blessed yoga stretch pants on her way out of class.

Now, I'm no doctor, though I do pretend to be one when out at bars hitting on women, so I'm pretty certain that a vibrant camel toe is a sure sign of good health on a woman. At least, that's what I tell the girls outside the gym who naively let me inspect because I'm wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. Seeing it certainly makes me feel more alive.

Glad to have you and your 'toe' back to full strength, Brooke. Bless you. Enjoy.