Britney Spears

Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, and Adrianne Curry Lead the Self-Published Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The sisters are most definitely doing it for themselves again this week as the sextastic celebrities just can't get enough of themselves, self-publishing pictures of their own hot selves because too much exposure is never quite enough for these girls who love to live in the spotlight, and we like to observe them, like leering scientists without proper credentials.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes the overly tanned cleavage of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens being showy playful, Adrianne Curry flash-bulb covered nekkid, Britney Spears nearly busting out of her dress, and much much more self-published must-sees. Enjoy

Super Short, Super Tight, Super Low Cut White Dress — Britney Spears Is Back!

Okay, so much of this is smoke and mirrors (and makeup and Spanx and ropes and harnesses and a four-day starvation diet) but still, Britney Spears looked undeniably former-Britney-esque as the good moneymaking folks at Fox brought the former world superstar out for show at the Fox Upfronts to announce her as the new X-Factor judge.

Now, I must admit, I watched ten minutes of last season's X-Factor before suffering both a migraine from the rapid camera movements and the startling commencement of a menstrual cycle by the time the fifth contestant broke down in sobbing tears, I'm not sure I can go through that bloody headache again. But I might just have to figure out a way to watch Britney if she's going to be doing a cleavage and upskirt-potential show week in and week out, and lay off the Burger King runs in betwixt.

When Britney is on, she's still on, IMHO. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Not Afraid to Drop Monster Cleavage Bomb at Somber Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party (Even Britney Is Eying Her Funny)

Here's how I think Saturday night went down for Kim Kardashian.

About noon time, she starts squeezing into her spanx and dress for the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, a rather inexplicable invite to begin with considering Kim Kardashian's sole contribution to the world of music is Jam, Turn It Up, and playing human slide trombone for a handful of R&B music artists.

After hours of her stylist and wardrobe assistant and make-up artist working her over, and Kris Jenner reminding her daughter that condoms are important if you're sleeping with anybody under a $50 million net worth, Kim looks in the mirror and realizes that her bountiful funbags and body look the height of perfection, the absolute bomb for stealing the show. Then, Whitney Houston dies upstairs in the hotel. And suddenly the big Clive Davis pre-Grammy bash goes from player-fest to funeral-mood. But, there's no way in hell Kim's changing out of that dress. And off she goes.

And wasn't Britney Spears, packing some low cut boobtastic exhibitions herself, glad when Kim came along and make Britney look like she was dressed for a memorial by comparison. Just check out Britney checking out Kim's jug-ulars and see if you don't agree with our assessment of what's racing through her Louisiana grey matter. And, do enjoy.

Britney Spears Gives Her New Fiancé A Preview of Their Wedding Night

Crass? Yes, you bet. On the other hand, if you just dropped a big chunk of change on a rock to become the third Mr. Britney Spears, and given her past track record, and the obvious pre-nup forthcoming denying you claim to all past, current, and future diva-related incomes, well, dammit, you're going to want to know about the upside coming your way. In that spirit Britney Spears gave a little sampling of said benefits to future betrothed Jason Trawick at their Vegas engagement party over the weekend.

Will this matrimonial parlay prove to be worthwhile for Jason in the long run, once the pixie-dust and skilled fellatio have been replaced by the smell of wet socks and the quiet despair of sex in front of the television while eating a 20-piece Chicken Nuggets? (Man, I got depressed just writing that; sorry, married people.) Enjoy.

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Britney Spears Pulls Out All the Stage Stops on Final Night of Femme Fatale World Tour

Today is the final day of us defending Britney Spears on her probably final world tour. Yes, she packed on some lbs. since her last intercontinental music adventure. Yes, she also went nuts during that time period, handed over control of her life to a paparazzo, got all kinds of legal nightmares started, and definitely watched more View than she did ab crunches, but as far as working the stage with the voice-over the pre-recorded track with that little headset microphone and the rump and belly and cleavage baring costumes -- Britney still has some veteran skills to bring to bear. Not quite yet like watching grandma after a few too many Pink Ladies hitting the karaoke stage. Not quite.

In Puerto Rico over the weekend, Britney Spears strutted about the stage on the very last leg of her six month Femme Fatale tour that seemed to at least please texting teens and a few glory day moms in dozens of different languages all around the world. You may not get it, but it did get got done. Enjoy.


Britney Spears Gets Muy Caliente on Stage in Mexico City

I know it's not a popular opinion, but I'm proud of Britney Spears for dusting off the old costumes, cinching up the drooping parts, and hitting the road this year on presumably one last world mega-concert tour, her Femmes Fatales show, where the pop diva shows, to me, that super divas never die, they just get a little more in need of Spanx. 

I'm looking at these Britney Spears concert photos from her weekend world stop in Mexico City and I'm seeing a lot of the old Britney, in fact, I'm seeing a lot of the new Britney, thanks to some stage costumes that are a couple sizes too small for the more curvaceous pop star. But, adding it all up, if Britney is cupping her fuller sized fun bags on stage, and blatantly flashing her can, I'm still leering. Not from the floor mind you, or anywhere I'd have to hear the music, but with ear plugs, from a private box, and a big smile on my face. Team Britney representing. Enjoy.