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Britney Spears Working It Hard in Work Bitch

I didn’t have the courage to check out the new Britney Spears music video, Work Bitch, though I love the title. Thankfully, our friends over at WWTDD grabbed some of the finer Britney Spears music video caps from the video and have them on display.

In fairness, people are saying that if you love classic Britney, you’ll love this new track. I wouldn’t exactly raise my hand on being in that group, though I will proudly admit to loving classic Britney body. See if it’s holding up for your own self. Enjoy.

Is Britney’s Booty Ready for Prime Time Again?

Take a look at new photos of the bottomside of Britney Spears decked out in her sexy short shorts for her new music video production.

I’m loathe to say she’s ready or not to handle a booty shaking and cheek baring music video, what with Miley raising the bar recently rather high in terms of skin exposure. There is definitely a ripple effect. But does Britney have too many ripples already? You be the judge.

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Britney Spears Tank Topped to Dance Rehearsal

Britney Spears is back at dance rehearsals, presumably preparing for new music videos and tours and just being awesome at her kids friends’ future bar mitzvahs I suppose. She has been looking much better of late, some throwback goodness to her classic sextastic pop diva visuals of a decade ago, though a little less on the obvious side.

Now more on the suburban mom I’d like to help with the groceries kind of thing. Sweats, tank top, booty, flashing her bra. Oh, yes, Ms. Spears is going to be tough on the neighbor boys. Enjoy.

Tight Sweater, Short Dress, Britney Is Ready for Church

Britney Spears definitely likes her rendering unto Caesar time, right down to dressing to the nines, though she can’t necessarily fit into a 9 any longer, prepping to take her new boyfriend to church on Sunday. I’m not exactly sure this tightly fitting of an outfit would have been allowed just a few years ago in most congregations, but, this is Britney Spears after all. She may no longer be that buxom slender 20-year old, but she’s not just going to throw away the clothes.

Looking good, Britney. Let those who are without prideful sin start throwing those stones. As for me, i’m just using binoculars and waiting for a few seams to burst. Enjoy.

Even Grandpa Smurf Wants Katy Perry To Show Us Her Smurfs (And Other Highlights from the Smurfs 2 Premiere)

Grandpa Smurf is a wise one. At least, that’s how I recall his character from a few years back in betwixt a few hellacious bong rips. Even the elder Smurf knows it’s time for Katy Cocktease to stop smurfing around and let those smurfs see the sunlight. Sadly, Katy would not bow to Papa’s wishes, let alone ours of the past several years, and remained entirely smurfed up, though still definitely smurfing hot at the L.A. premiere of Smurfs 2.

Joining Katy in the mini-smurfastic parade for the craptastic kids film was Britney Spears, looking a bit cleavy in Smurf blue, and former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud, smurfing up a bit of smurfy sideboob, just so the kids in the audience could get a little glimpse of adulthood fun. All in all, it seemed like a smurfy occasion for a film that even with a gun to my head would be a 50-50 proposition to view. Enjoy.

Britney Spears Braless Makes Shopping Fun for Men as Well

Britney Spears has been a long time advocate of the braless wardrobe for women. And she doesn’t just talk the talk, she flops and bounces the walk. Her latest upstairs commando venture a shopping trip in L.A. where the pop music diva showed that she’s just not an international superstar, she’s just a regular old mom putting about without her chest puppies restrained behind her top.

Now you know we highly applaud all women who decline the use of undergarments in their public promenading. Within reason, of course, as polite society does dictate that some larger gals be granted the support they need when in motion in a communal space. But for our sextastic celebrity veterans — yes, burn them bras, ladies. Enjoy.

Britney Spears Curves in Shape Magazine June 2013