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Britney Spears Wears a Low Cut Shirt to the Tanning Salon

Britney Spears Booty Getting Into Fine Form

There’s been some criticism of Britney Spears for letting herself ‘chillax’ a little too much on the diet front before starting her Vegas show. She was looking a little full-bodied. She’s back in L.A. now hardcore training during her Vegas show break. Based on how she’s looking in her stretch pants today, I’d say she’s on the upswing of her down under.

Check out today’s look at Britney Spears booty in sheer stretch pants on WWTDD.

Britney Spears Crawls Around on the Floor A Lot to Kick Off ‘Piece of Me’ in Las Vegas

Overture, curtains, lights. This was the big grand opening weekend for Britney Spears of her one woman (with one hundred person supporting cast) show at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas entitled Piece of Me. Based on the choreography, it looks like Britney was flashing plenty of her pieces to the crazy gaggle of ladies and men who I couldn’t possibly call my friends screaming their heads off for Britney’s power pop numbers.

Personally, I don’t do a lot of shows when I’m in Vegas. I find it takes away from my power drinking and losing money time at the tables. And I’m not sure even if comped after a big losing night that I’d sneak into Piece of Me. But I bet a ton load of other people do. This is Britney Spears, even as a mom in her 30′s now and not quite as sparrow slender, she’s a huge draw. Leave Britney alone! Enjoy.

Britney Spears Bra and Panties Show for ‘Perfume’

Pop music videos these days are the equivalent of avant-garde French cinema. I have absolutely no idea what any of it is supposed to mean, but all the women seem to be getting pretty nekkid so I’m going to at least observe.

Britney Spears strips down to her lingerie in her new music video for ‘Perfume’, a song I’m simply refusing to research on the off chance I might actually hear it. Suffice it to say, Britney smells nice in her bra and panties, and looks rather nice too. Might be the posing and the lighting, but it’s working for me. Not enough for a $1.29 on iTunes, but definitely worth a few minutes of leering at her body like a dirty old man, or young, if you are. The important part is the dirty. Enjoy.

Britney Spears Flashing Some Cleave In Jolly Old England

Before she moves on to her Vegas gig, Britney Spears is touring the rest of the world to remind everybody that she’s back in the game and ready to be seen, if not heard. So, why not head out of your hotel pretty much without a shirt on to drum up some interest. It can’t hurt, it can only help, and speaking for myself, I’m feeling pretty helped.

Britney has talked recently about not wanting to be too sexy in her public image being that she’s a mom and mature and all that now. But, there’s no getting away from what sells tickets, and it’s not Brit in sweatpants shopping at Target. She still looks quite amazing glammed up and showing off. I’d stick with that until it no longer works. Enjoy.

Britney Spears Working It Hard in Work Bitch

I didn’t have the courage to check out the new Britney Spears music video, Work Bitch, though I love the title. Thankfully, our friends over at WWTDD grabbed some of the finer Britney Spears music video caps from the video and have them on display.

In fairness, people are saying that if you love classic Britney, you’ll love this new track. I wouldn’t exactly raise my hand on being in that group, though I will proudly admit to loving classic Britney body. See if it’s holding up for your own self. Enjoy.

Is Britney’s Booty Ready for Prime Time Again?

Take a look at new photos of the bottomside of Britney Spears decked out in her sexy short shorts for her new music video production.

I’m loathe to say she’s ready or not to handle a booty shaking and cheek baring music video, what with Miley raising the bar recently rather high in terms of skin exposure. There is definitely a ripple effect. But does Britney have too many ripples already? You be the judge.

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