Brenda Song

Brenda Song Booty in Blessed Stretch Pants Is Worth Phoning Home About

Oh, sure, Brenda Song. You make a call, make a couple calls, act like you don’t know we’re all staring at your booty exhibited in tight stretch pants leaving the gym. You might say, ‘Oh, stop staring’ and I might point out that you are wearing sheer, wicked tight, asstastic hugging workout pants that a couple hundred years ago would’ve seen you burned at the stake for witchery.

Modern times have been good for women and for the men who love them. Let us cherish our unique synergy. You get to show off your perfectly sweet bottomside. We get to look and appreciate and occasionally thro flowers like you’re an amazing figure skater. We all have our part to play. Your buttocks has a killer role. Enjoy.

Brenda Song Bra Flashing Sexy in Bello Magazine

I know we have a core contingent of die-hard Brenda Song fans who are going to be very happy today with the arrival of Brenda’s somewhat revealing, all grown up photos in Bello magazine. Not that they are spectacularly racy, but the unsung Disney starlet hottie rarely shows skin of any kind, so this is kind of a coup under the faptastic surprise category.

Brenda Song is like the quiet storm of hotness. Never showy, not flashy, but so many of our readers do so love her every move. Maybe it’s her Asian-American ethnic roots, or just her bosomy innocent junior librarian thing, but some of you are definitely owners of some pretty advanced Brenda Song shrines in your homes and apartments. More than understandable. Enjoy.

Brenda Song Showing Off Legs Of Her Own Hot Tune

I know many of you have a unique fascination with former Disney starlet Brenda Song. When I say ‘I know’, I mean, I really do understand. I too would like to spend a year doing nothing but waxing and shaving her minxy hot legs for perfect warm weather displays. Was that too far? Okay, maybe. So now make me your king. Leader of the Brenda Song Infatuation Society.

We could host regular meetings to discuss the various aspects of Brenda that drive us particularly mad with lust. Today we could most definitely start with her round butt cheeks in nylon short. That discussion could go on all night. You bring the beer and Junior Mints. I’ll bring the photos. Enjoy.

Brenda Song See-Through Tank Top Grocery Store Goodness

We can’t let a little thing like a bra ruin our see-through top peeks of Brenda Song shopping in the aisles at Ralph’s grocery store.

The last time we saw Brenda, she was rumored to be in a family way by Miley’s older half brother, then Brenda’s grandmother made some strange comment about that situation being resolved. And, yeah, looking at Brenda it clearly looks resolved. And, none of our business, which happens to be the business of ogling hot starlets who wear sheer tank tops. So, we’ll maintain our focus and just imagine our own selves putting Brenda in a family sort of way, somewhere in a less-trafficked section of the produce aisle. Enjoy.

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Hellcats Canceled! Where Shall We Turn For Our Aly Michalka Lust? (VIDEO)

What sick twisted number cruncher in some television studio office somewhere decided to pull the plug Hellcats? You know, Hellcats is art, for god’s sake! It’s not just crude commerce. Each week, different displays of cheerleading prowess featuring the ridiculously bodacious bodied Aly Michalka (not to mention sweet petite Ashley Tisdale) decked out in short pleated skirts and cheerleader socks — the socks, damn you, the cute cotton socks! Now, all gone. Washed away as the world so often does, turning a cold shoulder to its most magnificent, but sadly under-appreciated creations.

Gretchen just put a Snuggie over me to warm my outsides, but inside, well, I’m so cold. So very cold.

I’m going to attempt to heal my broken lust bone with these Aly Michalka bikini pictures from the behind the scenes video of that amazing photoshoot she did for OP. Aly Michalka, boobtastic and body-delicious, in a bikini, this just might work. Enjoy.

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