Bregje Heinen

Bregje Heinen, Elyse Taylor, Martha Hunt, and Marloes Horst In Bikinis for Victoria’s Secret

Hmm, I'm loathe to call these super fine ladies the 'B' team for Victoria's Secret, as I'd shank any one of you in the showers for a three minute conjugal visit with any of Bregje Heinen, Elyse Taylor, Martha Hunt, and Marloes Horst, all of whom are currently in St. Bart's shooting their catalog bikini body pictures for the lingerie and swimwear brand. Let's call them the Sextastic Team Two, slightly lesser known names, at least as of yet, but ever so smoking hot. Just imagine these four ladies coming to your summer barbecue and forgetting that your burgers are burning on the grill. It would be quite a sight.

At some point, Victoria's Secret is going to be writing paychecks to every '10' on this planet. Not a bad strategy really if you can afford to get away with it. In the least, it beats writing sob letters to the same group of girls begging for worn shoes. Not that I know what that's like. Enjoy.

Bregje Heinen Drops Some Perfect Dutch Treats for Swimwear Campaign

Dutch (still) teen model Bregje Heinen is smoking hot in her Andres Sarda Swimwear 2013 collection photos, and we just had to share.

The wicked wanton-thought inducing Bregje first came to our attention when she strutted the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret fashion show at the tender age of barely legal. Now, well, she's blossoming right before our eyes. At least, it feels like something's sprouting. Such is the nature of warm, toned, sultry bodies being cast about in form fitting little swimsuit pieces. Oh, Bregje, how does your garden grow? Enjoy.