Blake Lively

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Blake Lively Flashes Just a Hint of Her Own Two Savages on Film Set

When, oh, when, Blake will you provide us with some more scrumptious nekkid photos of yourself in your movie trailer? Don’t make me beg, because I will, and I’m very good at it.

For now, we shall rejoice in the sexy long legged minx that is Blake Lively filming on the set of Savages, the upcoming Oliver Stone drug cartel movie, that should also provide us a touch of Salma Hayek hotness when it comes out.  Some Blake sexy legs and some bit o’stuffing shots in her red bikini top, little appetizers to cleanse the pallet and clean the sheets before she tosses back a couple complementary mini-bar cocktails and gets out the cellphone again. We hope. And pray. Enjoy.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively Go Toe to Toe, Err, Upskirt to Upskirt

Well, not often you get two blonde veterans of the sextastic wars to flash some upskirt on the same day, across the Atlantic, and not precisely sure what Blake Lively is actually wearing, perhaps Spanx, nevertheless, it’s some kind of sign from the Egotastic! above when Blake and Gwyneth Paltrow nearly simultaneously provide a glimpse up and under their dresses.

Gwyneth was leaving some foufou party in London when try as she may, and she tried to clamp those legs together but good, we still got a teensy tiny view into her Goop, private members only area. And, Blake, well, we know in the privacy of her trailer, the lady doth like to take some naughty photos. But, in this case, it was just a burst of Mother Nature on the set of Gossip Girl providing a momentary PG-rated show. An omen of things to come perhaps? We can only hope. Enjoy.

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