Blake Lively

Blake Lively Reveals Deep V-Neck Dress at David Letterman

Blake Lively vs. Denise Richards in Battle Movie Premiere Hotness

Well, well, when the young sextastic celebrity takes on the veteran hottie at cross-town movie premieres, we’re going to naturally pit awesome vs. awesome and see who comes out on top, or bottom, or one on the top, one on the bottom if I’m diagramming this purely from my fantasies.

Blake Lively has come out of her hiding recently to deliver some stunning public appearances. The young actress is pound for pound one of our most delicious desires and when she puts her A-game on, as she did last night at the premiere of The Savages, well, she looks like the kind of woman that makes you wish you were the Duke of some rich foreign land that could entice her to come visit, and then get hella nekkid.

Meanwhile, not far away, veteran sextastic and 40-something wunder-muffin, Denise Richards, brought out her utmost to the red carpet for Madea’s Something or Other Movie where every camera was turning in her direction, by sheer force of MILFtastic lust. While we continue to question the sanity of this woman who has at least friendly-reconciled with coke-crazed ex Charlie Sheen, we will never question the fact that we’d like to bump nasties with her until the next Halley’s Comet arrives.

A double dose of the amazingly hot.

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Blake Lively Looks Stunning at the Premiere of ‘Savages’

READER FINDS: Blake Lively Sexy, Katherine Heigl Bare-Butt, Lucy Pinder Topless, and Much Much More…

Kelly Brook Super Hot Photoshoot in Hot Arena Magazine
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Oh, yes, blessed Friday. The motherhead of all days. The end of the week when the bell on Hottieville town square’s clock tower rings and all the citizens gather round for the group picnic of the sextastic known as Reader Finds, a potluck of the poon-tastic, a cornucopia of celebrity hotness, a buffet of the boobtastic. It’s all been brought by, for, and about you.

This week’s Reader Finds includes not one, but two classic Kelly Brook wicked hot pictorials, Blake Lively looking about as sextastic as she can when not on her own private cellphone, more more Lucy Pinder topless photos from her amazing shoot earlier this year, Emily Ratajkowski in some ridiculously hot lingerie pics, Seren Gibson topless playing with action figures, some hot innocence from AnnaSophia Robb, Eureka’s Salli Richardson-Whitfield topless onscreen, Katherine Heigl bare-assed, and Lucy Collett, our fave ginger topless hottie doing what she does best. It’s all good.

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Blake Lively Reappears Smoking Hot in Marie Claire, A Worthy Reappearance

We haven’t seen much of The Gossip Girl since her nekkid photo release last year and her various other bits of pretending to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend publicity stunt to make everybody forget about the nekkid photos and then a whole bunch of going into hiding nonsense over the shame I guess of just being a hot girl who likes to be naughty, as if that deserved some kind of shame, when it really deserves a standing ovation and universal accolade.

Anyhow, one of our favorite sextastic celebrities of the past few years, Blake Lively is back, and if I had to rip off my neighbor’s Marie Claire magazine from the mailbox she thinks is actually locked in order to see sweet Blake, well, hypothetically legally speaking, that’s damn well what I had to do. Enjoy.

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Blake Lively is Smokin’ in this New Clip for ‘Hick’ (VIDEO)

Hick Clip
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Only an actress like Blake Lively could make a hick look this sexy and appealing. She takes on the role of a cocaine-snorting drifer named Glenda in Hick, a dramedy that tells the story of a young runaway who’s on the road to Las Vegas after escaping from her alcoholic parents.

Check out this new clip from the movie to watch Blake do what she does best: look hot.


Blake Lively Hot Even With Clothes On in Elle (VIDEO)

Blake Lively is another one of those super hot hotties from Hottieville who get a little miffed after their nekkid photos hit the digisphere then kind of go into sextastic-hiding for a little while. After Blake’s topless cell phone pics made the rounds last summer, the sexy and a half Gossip Girl actress went so far as to hide her hotness by briefly beard-dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Now that’s hiding.

But Blake Lively seems to be on the cusp of returning to status of ‘Yeah, I’m hot and I’m going to use my looks and my body to get ahead’ as all sexy celebrities should, by mandate, for their own benefit as well as ours, as evidenced by her appearance in the current edition of Elle magazine, where the sweet looking thespian shows that she’s more than just an okay dramatist, she’s one fine piece of womanhood. We appreciate your return, Blake. Enjoy.

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