Beyonce Grabs Hold of Her Own Funbags for Out

In the new edition of Out magazine, which is about what it sounds like it’s about, Beyonce says that women should own their own sexuality. I don’t even know what this means, but I like it. Especially if that cliche comes with Beyonce holding her own stellar boobtastic in a photoshoot for the magazine where you can imagine Beyonce as a blonde. I must admit I’ve never thought of Beyonce as a blonde, then again, I’m rarely looking at her hair.

As a rule, whatever Beyonce supports that involves her taking off her top, I support. I’m certainly not going to tell her to put her clothes back on. It would be nice if she actually moved her hand-bra so we could partake in her full delights. For that cause, I would actually make a cash donation. I am a simple man to figure out. Enjoy.

Beyonce Gets Super Duper Jiggy With it In Her New Partition Video

They’re calling the new Beyonce music video ‘explicit’ on YouTube. I don’t know if I’d go that far, especially within the realm of current day pop music videos. They’re racier than most adult films. But I will say that Beyonce gives it her PG-13 all in this booty shaking and body preening costume fest. I think there’s music too, though I admit I wasn’t really paying attention.

Of all the current music stars who are showing off their female forms to push record sales, if they still sell records, I have to say, Beyonce is near the top of my list. A real woman’s body bumping and grinding and exhibiting her deeply felt artistic passions. If she was singing Hells Bells this would be something I would buy. Enjoy.

Beyonce Puts Her Everything Into Her Shows, Cleavage First Naturally

One thing you can’t say about Beyonce, that she phones it in. No, when you see Beyonce in concert, like the good folks in Glasgow, you are definitely getting the full show. Prancing, preening, wardrobe changes, and a whole lot of bouncing boobtastic and booty.

That’s no demure diva on stage. While she may not get into the raunch of Miley, Beyonce most definitely shows off most every inch of her curvaceous lady form whilst belting out her hit tunes. Love her music or not, there’s no denying that Beyonce is a showy show-woman to the core. I must applaud as I ogle. Enjoy.

Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink Put on Crotch and Booty Show for 56th Grammys Glory

You know I’m not a big fan of awards shows. I’m not a big fan of tears and drama and shtick just so artists who already do quite alright for themselves can spend an evening handing each other trophies. Trophies are for Little League kids. Adults don’t really need trophies. Maybe if you invent a cure for cancer or something you get something for your mantle. But not singing a catchy ditty.

Nevertheless, the awards shows like the Grammys do bring out the sextastic celebrities, including the performers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink, all of whom felt the artistic obligation to flash their booties and crotches for the cameras in advancement and enhancement of their audio arts. It was quite a show in that regard. Somehow I’ve omitted Madonna and her top hat and cane. Oops. Enjoy.

Beyonce Goes Super Tight Dress to Celebrate Release of Her Super Tight Album

Beyonce scheduled her album release extravaganza about two weeks after secretly releasing her self-titled album onto the Internet, causing iTunes to rupture a spleen feeding the frenzy of girls 14-35 who simply can’t get enough Beyonce on the musical plates. The release party was worth the wait as Beyonce showed up in a skin tight short shimmering dress that showed off her body and the reason men of all ages are interested in this pop diva. Just look at those curves.

I don’t care how much support Beyonce required to slide into that little numbers, of the hours it might take to peel it off, she looked absolutely smoking hot as the star of her very own party. At the holiday times, all you can hope for is to own the party. Well, I hope not to fall asleep in relative stranger’s bath tubs, but for girls like Beyonce, they aim just a little bit higher. I’d say she hit the mark. Sha-zam. Enjoy.

Beyonce Hot Bikini Passion Play for Drunky Kind of Love

We linked out to these yesterday, but I wanted a second day of appreciation and a chance to put Beyonce looking her absolute finest in our archive which will someday serve as the annals of record for sextastic celebrities at the dawn of the new millennium.  I mean, assuming our $50 servers don’t crash permanently again. I really do need to remember to run that backup, but it’s just never the right time.

Beyonce got wet and bikini wild in her Drunk in Love music video, one of the many she released at her midnight ‘make me $20 million’ barn burner of an album release last week. Even Beyonce was quite excited by her own hot self, her headlights proudly beaming through her wet bikini. And why not? If I was Beyonce, I’d never leave the sight of a mirror, nor spend a moment without my favorite toys nearby. Occasionally, I’d take a break from self-pleasure to make some green, but outside of that, lots and lots of baths. Enjoy.

Beyonce Bikini Nipply and Drunk In Love on the Beach

I have to admit, I didn’t quite help ‘break the Internet’ when Beyonce came out with her new 17-song album last week. The music I could live with or without. But that hot curvaceous body, that I would break something over.

Our friends at WWTDD have some of the steamier nipple-poking Beyonce bikini pictures from her Drunk in Love music video which I highly recommend if you happen to love hot women wet and rolling around in the sand. Enjoy.