Beyonce Bikini Nipply and Drunk In Love on the Beach

I have to admit, I didn’t quite help ‘break the Internet’ when Beyonce came out with her new 17-song album last week. The music I could live with or without. But that hot curvaceous body, that I would break something over.

Our friends at WWTDD have some of the steamier nipple-poking Beyonce bikini pictures from her Drunk in Love music video which I highly recommend if you happen to love hot women wet and rolling around in the sand. Enjoy.

Beyonce Throwback Hottie, Sports Illustrated Model Bottoms, Vanessa Hudgens Bikinis Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

It’s the season of giving, and so our favorite sextastic celebrities just keep on giving us bikini shots, butt shots, hot cleavage shots, and anything and everything they can to produce the desired effect of wanton lust. I’m always up for a little more wanton lust in my life. It’s also Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition final production time, so we’ve got some sweet sweet teases from this year’s photoshoot. All in all, if you don’t find something you like in this week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup, you should call your doctor about Cialis or something like that.

This week’s roundup includes Izabel Goulart and her crazy hot bikini booty, Ashley Sky and her Brazilian hot body wares, Vanessa Hudgens bikini goodness, Beyonce in a few throwback hottie poses, a recently turned 18 McKayla Maroney angling her camera down her frontside, the aforementioned headless hot bodies of the S.I. Swimsuit Edition in candid shots behind the scenes of their visual production, and so much more. You owe it to the surviving members of legendary rock bands everywhere to check out each and every one of these hot socially shared candids. Money back always guaranteed. Enjoy.

Beyonce Warms Up the Stage in Canada

Turns out, Beyonce was the single most searched celebrity for 2013 according to Microsoft. I’m quite certain many of our readers helped out in that cause by searching ‘Beyonce booty’, ‘Beyonce topless’, and ‘Beyonce makes me beg her to sit on my feet’ and similar terms I know you guys are typing into your search engines. And I’m not surprised. For yet another year Beyonce does what she does best, puts on a show stopping concert tour with her curvaceous body and proud strut and booming voice. Pretty simple formula that nobody really does better.

Beyonce heated up the night in Vancouver over the weekend, doing her booty shaking thing and belting out songs that I don’t really know, but I’d tell her were awesome during rehearsals while I held her mink coat off to the side for when ever she felt a chill and snapped her fingers for my attention. Ah, to serve Beyonce in bedroom and bath, that is the dream. Enjoy.

Beyonce Goes Bang Bang with the Cleavage at Rock’n Rio Festival

I’m not even sure how Beyonce got back and forth to Brazil while still also performing at LeBron James wedding this weekend. I suppose a super fast private jet probably helps. I know she didn’t take the Panama Canal. Either way, Beyonce seemed primed and ready to show her pushed up mother hooters on stage in Rio, a harrowing show as Beyonce was at one point yanked off the stage by an overzealous fan.

But Beyonce is too big to be taken down by one shirtless drunken fool. She’s Beyonce, just look at how she’s built. To last. Enjoy.

Beyonce’s Philadelphia Performance Deserves a Closer Look

Not, not her ‘fierce’ music. Just those little body suits and the bending and preening and flashing Beyonce does on stage. It’s not like your typical mom, but it is rather hot.

Sometimes I wonder if I could make it through a Beyonce concert just for the opportunity to see her showing off live. I’d have to have great seats, like really close to the action, like laying beneath her on the stage as she moves left and right over me. Then I’d go. Checking now to see if those tickets are available on Craigslist. Searching, Beyonce, concert tix, crotch view seats. Please, let this happen. Enjoy.

Beyonce Fiercely Hot Squatting in V Festival in Jolly Old England

Here’s what I’ve come to notice about Beyonce in concert. She’s fierce. She likes to strut fierce. And she changes her wardrobe about ten times a show into progressively fiercer costumery. It all seems so very dramatic. While I would prefer Beyonce merely changing into her birthday suit upon my PETA-approved faux bear skin rug, I can’t deny that seeing her curvaceous motherly form now switching in and out of clingy body suits is something to behold. Her music aside, she puts on quite an exhibition of the visual variety.

Taking center stage at the V Festival in England, Beyonce showed that baby or no baby with a $20K crib, she’s not slowing down one bit in terms of being one of the top music acts in the world. And one of the top ogle worthy concert performers. Now, if I can just get her next to my fireplace on that furry mat, we could get extra fierce. Enjoy.

Beyonce Is Kind of Nekkid and Definitely Glittery for Flaunt

I’m not exactly sure what was meant by this covered nekkid pictorial of Beyonce covered in tons of glitter for Flaunt magazine. I’m not so good at interpreting art. I do know that Beyonce is looking finer than ever these days, and I wish I could interpret her nekkid body uncovered. I think I would be good at that. Much better than understanding stylistic visions and the like.

Beyonce seems to have recovered quite nicely from child bearing and even reports of s second child coming, on the way, or some other mysterious social media comments. She most definitely has one of our favorite bodies ever. If only she would show it all off, no glitter necessary. Birthday suits sparkle just fine on their own. Enjoy.