Beth Humphreys

Beth Humphreys Covered Topless Lingerie Outstandingness for Loaded

As you well know, I’m in full blown lust for Beth Humphreys, anything, everything, and best of all, wearing nothing. Or as close to it as possible, as she is in little bits of lingerie and hand-bras covering just a minimal bit of her outrageously hot body in this wicked Loaded magazine pictorial.

I see so many places where I would begin my virtual picnic upon Beth’s fine female form. It might just confuse me as to how to proceed. Like Disneyland, you need a plan of attack as to which rides to hit first, and when. I can only hope Beth accepts my ‘Fast Pass’ excuse when I get a little overexcited and I need to leave the park early. There, I just sullied up Disney. Enjoy.

India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless and Fooling Around Just Like In My Dreams

India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless for Nuts November 2013
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It’s not humanly possible that I’m going to glance past an image of two ridiculously hot topless girls snapping each other’s lingerie. It’s simply unfathomable. Like a fox not noticing an unprotected game bird around the henhouse or an L.A. parking control officer not noticing my meter expired over two seconds ago. It’s just not going to happen. When you consider it’s outrageously hot glamor models India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys featured in the latest edition of Nuts magazine, I’m not only going to notice, I’m going to begin hand carving a stone shrine to the blessed visual event.

Not that I’ve ever imagined having two luscious brunettes in my super-mini mansion helping each other strip out of their lingerie while whispering out, ‘Bill, it’s all for you.’, but if I did imagine such things, it’s fair to say it would be exactly like that. In this season of thanks, I most definitely see two more additions to my VIP gratitude list. Enjoy.

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Beth Humphreys My Topless Darling, My Topless Lust

Beth Humphreys Topless Nuts Photoshoot August 2013
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It’s been several weeks since I feasted peeps upon Beth Humphreys, simply one of the hottest women on this planet. I’ve been having a little Humphreys withdrawal if I can be honest. Mumbling the name Beth in my sleep. Finding my hands miming the surrounding of her perfect boobtastic with all of my unbridled passions. And, of course, I’m man enough to admit, the crying and the sobbing.

But thanks to our friends at Nuts, we have a new look at the new star in our sky, Beth Humphreys, and her sextastically outrageous body. If I were a sculptor, I’d sculpt that body in marble then spend the rest of my days whittling it down to rubble with no tools save for lust and the ability to scab quickly. Beth, baby, don’t ever leave me. Or, you know, get with me then leave me. Just the first part. Enjoy.

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Beth Humphreys Topless Outtakes Are a Triumph of the Sextastic Spirit

Beth Humphreys Sexy Topless Nuts Outtakes July 2013
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Oh, how I do lust for Beth Humphreys, all girls named Beth really, the very moniker conjuring up cute girls in soft fuzzy sweaters ready to steal your heart, or, in this case, wicked hot outtakes of the topless variety from a Nuts photoshoot that sees this belusted Beth stripping out of a tight body suit. When she goes topless upside down, I can feel the blood rushing to my extremities.

Bless you outtakes, for once again providing an even grander global presentation of one of our favorite sextastic Britty babes. Enjoy.

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Beth Humphreys Topless Perfect Monumentals for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

Beth Humphreys is Ultra Sexy in Nuts Photoshoot July 2013
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When you hear the name ‘Beth’ you just automatically think of some virginal pure girl waiting at home for her boyfriend in her tight fuzzy sweater. Maybe it’s the KISS song that forever sealed this. I’m not sure. But I am pretty certain that before Beth Humphreys sweet hot glamour modeling career is over, the next generation of young men might see ‘Beth’ as the hot topless nekkid girl hardly ever waiting at home, or for anybody.

Featured and exhibited in the latest issue of Nuts magazine, the outrageously bodacious and stunning Beth Humphreys lends her twin talents to a Ta-Ta-Tuesday celebration of all things soft and smooshy and round and delightful. Like pillows in heaven. Or how I imagine pillows in heaven to be. Just one crazy sextastic young lady with a body that men would certainly go to war to both defend and simultaneously pillage. Damn! Enjoy.

Beth Humphreys Topless Biting Black Lingerie Outtakes for Mammarial Monday

Beth Humphreys Boobtastic Topless Nuts Photoshoot March 2013
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Well, Monday’s almost come to a close here, but there’s no way we’re not capping all the glorious celebrity skin from today with a treat from the boobtastic and beautiful Beth Humphrehys, and these glorious outtakes from her recent Nuts photoshoot.

Beth has that girl next door look to her, that is, if you happen to live next door to a smoking hot busty young brunette who likes to prance around in her underwear or less. And, if you do, please, invite me over. Mammarial Monday is a day to dream like no other. And, right now, I’m dreaming about Beth Humphreys, a bottle of chilled champagne, and the warm desires of a man who spends way too much time looking at nekkid women all day long. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Stripping Out of Lingerie to Celebrate

India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless in Lingerie Nuts Photoshoot
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Oh, blessed end of the week. I don’t like to brag, but there’s a 13.2% chance I’m getting lucky this weekend and I’m kind of excited about it. No, I don’t mean that sex thing, so overrated. I’m talking about my NCAA tourney brackets, naturally. I could win money. Cash money. Enough to pay off that guy with the thick neck sitting in an old Pontiac out in front of my place since last Tuesday. I’m assuming he’s not peeking in my apartment to try and catch me changing. So, yes, I am excited.

You know who else is excited? Two gorgeous hotties by the names of India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys, stripping ever so slowly and perfectly out of their lingerie tops for your shift-into-the-weekend pleasure. Quite nice of them really. And our friends at Nuts.

So, go forth and conquer this weekend. Ride ‘em hard and come home wet, or something like that. Thank God It’s Funbags!