Berlincanka Daniela

Berlincanka Daniela for a Slovenian Sexy Plea


We get letters daily from around the world. It’s to my great delight. I mean, I’m not particularly literate, but Gretchen reads them to me aloud in a Fred Figglehorn voice and it just slays me. While we hear from tons of nations through foreign correspondence, not so Slovenia. Slovenia never calls. Never writes. We feel kind of like the chick Slovenia gave a speech to about just wanting to be friends then we found banging our former best friend. What gives, Slovenia? Why the bad boyfriend treatment?

Well, I’m always of the thought that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar (who the fuck catches flies?) so I’m offering up Slovenia an appeasement. Berlincanka Daniela, a confusingly named super hottie featured here in Playboy Slovenia, in amazing nude pictures in and around race cars. Two of man’s best friends. Now, Slovenia, send me a damn letter and let me know you’re representing. Uzivati.