Belen Rodriguez

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Purported Belen Rodriguez Sextape Leaked from The Boot (VIDEO)

Belen Rodriguez Currently In A Sex Tape Scandal
UPDATE: Well, the Right Honorable Silvio Berlusconi has asked Egotastic! to remove quite naughty images and video of his beloved, in a totally non-sexual way, Belen Rodriguez, and we have obliged, for the sake of Italian-American relations. Sorry for the let down, but the self-published tape is currently finito. On the other hand, you can read into this as to legitimacy of the subject matter I do suppose.
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A couple things here. First, we have know way to know for sure if this is the Belen Rodriguez, the super hot Argentinean model who moved to Italy to become a famous TV personality and film actress and bed a number of famous Italian dudes. The Belen Rodriguez with the perfect asstastic and ridiculous bikini that we feature as often as possible here on Egotastic!, not to mention her previous racy public making of the sexy moments.

Second, well, damn half of Italy who is emailing us this morning seems quite convinced this is the Belen Rodriguez in a self-published work shot by her boyfriend previous to the current famous photographer dude she’s now she-boinking. As always, we’ll let you be the judge.

Please be aware that the tape itself contains explicit content, not for children, although, ironically, it does depict how children are made.
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READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen Bendable, Joanna Krupa Nekkid, Britney Spears Upskirt, Poppy Montgomery Topless, and Belen Rodriguez Asstastic


We literally have the best readers on the Internet. I’m not kidding, we’ve done some scientific research and you guys turn out to be the smartest, classiest, perv-hiding men and women online in any forum. You can’t knock science. Of course, I’ve well-known this fact without any need for computer calculations; I can just sense awesome, most especially when it comes in the form of your amazing contributions to our communal pot o’ hot celebrity stank ala our weekly Reader Finds.

This week’s contributions from with-out include a naughty new glimpse at Taylor Momsen up to some old body tricks, Joanna Krupa sweet and classically nekkid, Britney Spears this past week flashing some fun looking panties, a topless investigation of Poppy Montgomery, and an homage to the super fine butt belonging to Belen Rodriguez.

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(EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING) Belen Rodriguez Caught Topless on Her Balcony (Reminiscent of Last Year’s Public Boot Knocking Scandal)



I have a special place in my heart for women who like to get nekkid in semi-public places. That special place entirely consumes my heart when that woman is a sexy celebrity such as Argentinean transplant to The Boot, Belen Rodriguez. The sultry and sextastic Belen was back on bikini vacation again with her amazingly blessed bastard photographer boyfriend and took time to get full on nekkid with him on the balcony of their hotel room, providing some very nice candid photos in Chi magazine, the scandal sheet of record in Italy.

We threw in some of Belen’s day-time bikini romp pictures from this vacation as well for a higher resolution, day-time look at her stellar bikini body and asstastic.

Longer term Belen lusters such as myself will recall that this is not the first time she and photo-boy have been caught in scandalous repose in public before, having been snapped by paps just over a year ago having a little bumping uglies time by the beach. And, yeah, we included photos of that too, because they don’t just call you Egotastic! for waking up early in the morning stinking of licorice and beer. Enjoy.

READER FINDS (EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING): Paige Duke Nekkid College Photo Scandal, Hayley Atwell Topless Stills, Kate Upton Ever Sexy, and Belen Rodriguez See-Through Top


UPDATED: Sorry, folks, we had to remove the sweet images of Paige Duke. She seems like a nice woman caught up in some unfortunate shizz. We wish her only the best.

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I lust sexy celebrities. I LOVE our readers. In addition to the ritualistic blood-letting and human sacrifices we demand out of you each week, you then go and contribute some of the most amazingly sextastic items to our weekly content ho’ down. I’m beyond words with my gratitude to you all. And, I’m never beyond words. Trust me.

This week’s READER FINDS includes a scandalous set of nekkid pictures of recently fired NASCAR Sprint Cup Challenge Girl Paige Duke, a peek at the bare boobtastic of Hayley Atwell, the new female star of Captain America, some basic tee-shirt and shorts pictures of Kate Upton that are super hot because they’re Kate Upton, and a look inside the top of the ever-amazing Belen Rodriguez.
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Belen Rodriguez Bikini Pictures Say ‘Hola, World, I Am So Effin’ Hot’

Falling, falling hard for Sudamericana transplant to Italy and all-around super hottie TV personality, Belen Rodriguez, just looking ridiculously hot in these bikini candids while on vacation with her photographer boyfriend and his son in Spain.

Might I say, if you glance through these pictures, the 9-year old kid gets quite a heaping of Belen-body in the water; quite a precocious little future Egotastic! fan he is. And, oh, by the way, the boy’s mom is super hottie model Nina Moric. Just imagine the pubescent fantasies that kid is going to experience. I can imagine them, I’m having several myself at this very moment. Enjoy.

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Belen Rodriguez Caught Undressing During a Photoshoot in Spain

No stranger to amazingly awesome gossip in the Italian tabloids, Argentine born model and hottie actress Belen Rodriguez provided a nice almost perfect gotcha-boobs moment while changing clothes during a photoshoot in Spain yesterday. Belen is frequently on the cover of major men’s and fashion magazines, including that amazing leather lingerie pictorial in last month’s DT magazine. But, today, we revel in bare back, and cleavage, and, but for a quick moments turn of fortune, some nice shots of Belen Rodriguez full sideboob, which almost could’ve been entirely epic. Enjoy.