Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli Gets Flirty In the Studio With Terry Richardson

By Thor’s hammer, who can’t Terry Richardson get into his private studio for some flirty, sexy, or downright nekkid photos? It’s like that lucky bastard is going through the photo subject wish list in my own head and commandeering it for his own prurient delights. In short, unfair.

Bar Refaeli is the latest smoking hot lady of the great looks to go before Terry’s camera for some simple, but definitely memorably teasy photos. The Israeli sextastic supermodel remains near the top of so many lists I have, including things involving leather, lace, and some old squash racquets I found in the basement. Bar, why don’t you come to my studio. I won’t have a camera, you won’t have any clothes, we can go total old school. Call me. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Lingerie Pictures Will Give You an All Over Smile

Bar Refaeli and lingerie go together like hand and… well, let’s just say seeing the uber-sextastic lingerie model in her little sheer bras and panties can both lead a man to water and most definitely make him drink. There’s almost nobody in the world I’d rather see more in her skivvies than Bar Refaeli, and nobody I’d long to see out of her skivvies than Bar Refaeli.

Featured in this light-hearted campaign for Passionata Lingerie, Bar shows that she’s the girl every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with. Something like that. I’m mostly just thinking about that ‘out of her skivvies’ part. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Flashing Serious Boobtastic by Popular Demand

We did link to these photos, but a bunch of you insisted on full size, in person, live, and right here. Given that it’s Bar Refaeli showing off a boatload of sextastic skin, how could we say no to that? We can’t, we didn’t. Behond the uber-hot Israeli supermodel in Pick Up magazine revealing most all of her faptastic glory.

Bar Refaeli has long been a top hottie in these here parts. If anything, her work is just picking up game in the last couple of years. Still, I can’t help but feel we’re missing some seriously nekkid photos of this goddess. Perhaps 2014 will be the year. I might just have to retire, or, you know, have somebody claim my body after death by ulna exhaustion. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli So Hot She Makes Me Want to Cry

I’m not sure if these are new photos, but not ones I’ve seen before of the sextastic Bar Refaeli flashing all kinds of skin on WWTDD.

I’m not saying you have to go check out these pictures, I’m just saying if you don’t, I will question your level of commitment to all things Bar Refaeli, and, hence, the very core of your gentleman ogler status. I was going to say manhood, but that seemed to harsh, but you’ll know now that’s what I meant. Enjoy.

Lindsay Lohan Panties, Kendall Jenner Booty, Bar Refaeli Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

And what a week it was on the social media sextastic visual front. Let’s face it, the bar has been set. You’re either posting hot pictures of yourself online or you’re no longer super relevant. At least, I’d like every hot celebrity to believe this to be true so they just keep on keeping on with their selfie outpouring on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. It’s really and truly a blessing not the least bit in disguise for us gentleman oglers.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Sarah Hyland posing hottie, Kendall Jenner flashing booty, Lindsay Lohan in lacy boy shorts, Arianny Celeste super hot bikini body, Kelly Kelly covered topless bikini shot, Sofia Vergara booty, and much much more. You owe it to the millions of turkeys saying their last prayers this week to check out each and every one of these red hot celebrity candids. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Modeling Her Own Bedroom Undies Is Simply the Best

Would you buy underwear from this woman? Why, yes, I’d buy it right off her back, if only I could. Oh, the floor samples.

Bar Refaeli is simply one of the hottest women in the world. She could sell bricks and I’d buy a Third Little Pig’s houseful of them. But the notion that she’s pimping her own line of undies, right off her body, well, that’s almost too perfect to be true. But it is true. Which is perfect. Just like Bar. I’m babbling because seeing Bar in pink cotton bra and panties has put me into something of a frenzied state. I suppose that is the intention. Enjoy.

Bar Refaeli Simply Hot in Israeli Magazine

Ever so simple, ever so hot, Bar Refaeli appears in Laisha magazine, which I suppose is probably something meant for the ladies of Israel, but anything to do with Bar Refaeli has to be shared among the man folk as well. Just one of the most amazingly hot women on this planet, who now that she’s free of all her DiCaprio beard silliness and other missteps of her youth, can attain even new heights of exhibitionist brilliance, from innocent spreads such as this, to the more and more revealing photos and selfies she digs sharing on social media.

Someday, I’d love to hear Bar Refaeli shout out Hebrew words in ecstasy on or about my person, even if she’s faking it. I can’t even tell when a woman does that in English, so I should be all good. Bar, call me. I’m in the phone book under Sweaty and Desperate. Enjoy.