Bambi Northwood

EgoRapidResponse: Bambi Northwood Topless in Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Bambi Northwood Topless in Harper's Bazaar Australia
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We have an unusually fond affection for our readers at Egotastic!, in the way only a man can love another man, like Viking type shit. And while the love flows freely, we definitely like certain readers better. EgoReaders like ‘Dennis’ who upon hearing our affection for the newly discovered Bambi Northwood just this morning, shot us over some deliciously topless pictures of our new object d’ lust from Harpers Bazaar Australia so that we could more fully dine on our new tasty treat.

Yes, you are all equal in our eyes, e Plurubus unim and all that, but some are more equal than others. Enjoy.

Meet Bambi Northwood, From Australia Straight Into Your Naughty Imagination Parts

While I have long awaited my nuptials with Edita Vilkeviciute, and I await the birth of my regal bastard by way of Kate Middleton, like any man, I need a ‘now’ fancy, and that ‘now’ fancy is Aussie model Bambi Northwood who has been in L.A. shooting a photo series for something or other, but, more importantly, the 21-year old wonder from Down Under introduces herself to the Egotastic! audience with a simple, but sextastic look behind the scenes of her work.

Now, I guess it’s kind of cliche for men to always want the latest and hottest new toys. But, cliches are grounded in truths, and the truth is men’s eyes either ogle or they die, and, today, we’re choosing to live through the more than pleasant visuals of Bambi Northwood (and, yes, the, name ‘Bambi’ adds 10,000 bonus points to all hotness ratings). Enjoy.