Bai Ling

Bai Ling Nipple Slip Pictures from Cannes


Okay, I have no idea why the hell Bai Ling is at Cannes. Then again, I don't know why Paris Hilton is there either. At least, unlike Paris, though, Bai Ling is doing something productive with her time in Cannes. And what is she doing? Why, slipping the nipple, what else. Yes, it's a completely gratuitous Bai Ling nipple slip, but aren't gratuitous nipple slips always the best?

Update: I've figured out why Bai Ling is in Cannes. If you look past her breasts, and exposed nipple, you may notice some posters for Shanghai Baby. I guess that's a movie she's in. Now, the question still remains, why is Bai Ling in a movie?

Bai Ling Nipple Slip


Yes, you've seen her in Playboy. No, you haven't seen her in Star Wars. Bai Ling may be the most famous person not appearing in any movies you've seen. At any rate, it doesn't really matter where you've seen her, she's moderately recognizable and her nipple is showing. What more do you want?

Bai Ling Playboy Pictures

I decided not to post the Bai Ling Playboy pictures here on Egotastic! cuz I really don't need Hef and his hired goons breaking my kneecaps.

Thankfully, Sex N' Fun isn't afraid, so you can see all the NSFW-ness there.

Bai Ling Playboy Pictures

Revenge on the Playmate

Page Six is gossiping (well, I don't think they actaully do reporting, right?) that Bai Ling, the Chinese actress has had her scenes cut from Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith due to her upcoming appearance in the June issue of Playboy magazine.

"I just found out that my part has been completely cut out of the upcoming 'Star Wars' movie. I do not know what happened," Ling said.

"I posed for Playboy and it may have been doing that which upset [director] George Lucas. I did not know when 'Star Wars' was going to be released when my manager came to me and said that Playboy wanted me to pose topless."

Ling, who appears in the June issue, continued, "I did not know that Playboy was going to come out the same time as 'Star Wars.' I saw them as separate projects. I see the human body as beautiful and not pornographic, but maybe the 'Star Wars' producers did not see what I did. I am in shock."

Bai Ling was also seen out and about earlier this week, promoting Netflix online DVD rental service, along with Darth Vader and Chewbacca.