Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Bikini Pictures Frolic in Cancunian Waters

I think this is the first time we’ve seen Avril Lavigne in just her two piece since her latest wedding, the Mrs. Nickelback putting on the bikini for a frolic in the beaches off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. I’d like to say I remember any of my three trips to Cancun, but I don’t. I’m pretty sure at one point I was in a Mexican jail for three months, but it’s all a blur. I might be thinking of an episode of 24.

Avril may or may not be sporting new body ink, she definitely still has quite the alluring female form, never the fully curvaceous girl, but always a cute little faux punker who held her own in a bikini, especially when it starts to fall from her devilish crack. Avril, you still got it. Maybe quit the singing bit and take up bikini candid modeling full-time. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

99 Celebrity Bikini Butts to Celebrate the New Year

I don’t know about you, but my head is still pounding something awful. Sort of an annual New Year’s tradition that I’m not sure how it all started, but I believe it was brandy, and not the singer. To help everyone get the old blood flow started in 2014, why not a peek at 99 of some of our favorite celebrity bikini bottoms from A to Z, well, as best as I could alphabetize. We saw the fronts on Christmas, now it’s time for the power of the booty to compel you to awake in the new year.

Consider me quite excited about new and even better views of sextastic skin in the coming year. Starting just as soon as I stop seeing double. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Headlines and Asslines iHeart Radio Festival (Along with Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, and Ashley Greene)

You knew Miley Cyrus wasn’t going to close up her dog and pony show act before iHeart, the biggest pop music spectacular of the year in Las Vegas each September. She put on quite the noteworthy performance, including several key see-through costumes and her now customary tongue wagging and twerking. The kids ate it up, as did many a gentleman ogler.

Joining Miley on stage in the diva category were Katy Cocktease strutting her wares and Avril Lavigne doing some kind of Twisted Sister homage or something. It didn’t hurt that Ashley Greene showed up to announce and hang out in a loose bit of clothing. Life could be worse. Though it is hard to imagine worse music.

Here’s a bunch of the sextastic ladies who made it out to Vegas for the red carpet as well, including Our Lady of Maria Menounos, the Kardashians and Jenners, naturally, and Courtney Bingham:

Is Avril Lavigne About to Make Out With Winnie Cooper?

Oh, yes, yes she is. God bless music videos, in all their tawdry banality, for presenting us with some of the most epic moments through the decades. The music may be questionable, but the blatant use of sexuality to sell songs, that’s what Mozart would be doing if he were alive today.

Check out screencaps of Avril Lavigne and Danica McKellar making out in the new ‘Rock and Roll’ video from Avril over on WWTDD.com

Avril Lavigne Bikini Top Dancing Fun Time Down Cabo Way

Oh, happy days when our belusted pixie and all around petite skater girl hottie Avril Lavigne flashes some skin during some beach time partying down in Los Cabos with a bunch of her bikini clad BFFs.

We’ve had a thing for Avril Lavigne for some time now, and while we’ve always been fascinated by her minxy looks and moves when on stage, it’s telescopically quite delightful to see Avril candidly dancing and writhing about with cocktails and bikinis and a bunch of semi-Sapphic girl group, really just as we imagined. Enjoy.

Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen Go Hotness to Hotness With Bad Music And Good Looks

Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen, two musically inclined hotties that we could easily play nekkie naughty Roadie roleplay with, each released new music videos that maximize their hotness and skin potential, as opposed to their melodic genius you might say. Now, I’ll leave you to your own musical sensibilities, but I’m more interested in who you think pulled off the hotter skin-flashing video.

Avril Lavigne with ‘Goodbye’:

or Taylor Momsen with ‘You’

Check Out the Two Competing Music Videos »

Avril Lavigne “Goodbye” Music Video