Aurora Ramazzotti

READER FINDS: More Michelle Hunziker Mother Daughter ‘Kini, Penelope Cruz Classic Topless, Julri Waters Canny Twitpic, Melissa Molinaro Hotness, Selena Gomez Jigglers, and Kari Byron Full Chested


I have a feeling you people are not Internet virgins. The cornucopia of concupiscence you produce each week, it’s stunning, so much so that we can barely tip the iceberg of sextastic indulgence offered up by our faithful readers. Nevertheless, choose we must, a sampling of Reader Finds this week including a pinktastic new set of Michelle Hunziker MILF and daughter bikini shots, Penelope Cruz two love bags from the vault, Hot Import Nights girl turned Playboy skintastic, Julri Waters, K. Kardashian lookalike and new Bush boot knocker, Melissa Molinaro,even more Selena Gomez animated hotness, and a big chested hello to Kari Byron. It’s a big handful of hotness all the way around.
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MILFtastic Michelle Hunziker And Teen Daughter Bikini Show in Spain Causes Undue Stress

Hmm, how to discuss this in polite society. The lust of my Swiss life, Wetten…Dass? co-hostess hottie Michelle Hunziker, the utter MILF perfection of a bikini body, and, well, her teenaged daughter on vacation in Spain (having moved their eternal summer bikini vacation across the sea it seems). Hmm, how to be delicate with the whole mother-daughter super bikini sexy commentary which could easily veer off into the inappropriate and culturally distasteful (as if I’d ever go there). I mean, even if mom Michelle is snapping photos of her bikini-clad daughter, Aurora Ramazzotti, who she bore herself at the tender age of 19, that doesn’t mean we can leer in upright manner ourselves. So, here’s your task, simply visually devour the hotness that is the Michelle Hunziker MILFtastic bikini body and do not look to the daughter. Oh, the shameful sacrifices to be made by the gentleman ogler. Enjoy.