Aurelia Gliwski

Aurelia Gliwski Bikini Models Her Way Onto Egotastic! My Down Unders May Never Be Whole Again

Aurelia Gliwski. Thy name is Aussie hotness. I just had to share Aurelia’s introduction here on Egotastic modeling bikinis for a company called Skiny. Seems like an ambitious name. Sometimes I get emails from people complaining about, who is this so-and-so model you’re showing us, I’ve never heard of this nobody. But, I chuckle to myself and eat a Hostess Sno-Ball because I remember getting those very same emails for Nina Agdal, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kate Upton to name a few. Think of them as pre-celebrities. I’ve got a pretty good nose for these things. Eyes really. Plus, if you’re writing complaint letters about crazy sextastic girls in bikinis showing off, maybe you have too much time on your hands.

Back to Aurelia. Let us never leave her. She simply makes me want to be a better man. Or a richer man with a yacht called the S.S. Conspicuous Consumption that picks girls like Aurelia up for short jaunts to Cannes and Mallorca and the like. Oh, blonde bikini models, how you do move me so. Welcome to Egotastic, Aurelia, linger awhile while the billy boils. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Skiny

Aurelia Gliwski Lingerie Pictures Bring the Sweet Thunder From Down Under

We love it when we get to introduce a brand new sextastic celebrity on Egotastic! It’s the closest we’ll ever come to experiencing the miracle of birthing a child, it’s kind of like stretching our own canals to bring you a wondrous gift. In this case, the supremely hot Aussie model Aurelia Gliwski.

Featured in Collette Dinnigan Lingerie photoshoot, the sweet Australian lends one wicked hot body for one kitschy retro bit of bra and panties hotness that has us in some kind of leopard heat. We’re feeling animal and we have Aurelia Gliwski to thank. Enjoy.