Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera Lead Our List of 2013 American Music Award Hotties

It's getting tougher and tougher to sit through these American Music Awards every year. Either I'm getting older or the music's getting worse. Or, both. But there's no denying the AMA's, along with the VMA's and The Grammy's, are the big three music award shows in terms of bringing out the pop music world hotties. Pretty much every top diva album seller is in the house and desperate to outshine their peers in sextastic appeal.

For me Aubrey O'Day and her chesty goodness made the evenings. The show definitely could've used a couple dozen more Aubreys, or at least her dress. Taylor Swift also looked pretty damn fine, as did Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, and newcomer Ariana Grande. Check out my picks, which include Lady Gaga, though mostly because she figured out how to win the Red Carpet even without being the most fetching lady in attendance. Enjoy.

Aubrey O’Day Uses Her Big Bottomside to Burlesque

I must admit, I've never quite understood Burlesque. I mean, had I been born a hundred years earlier, I very much understand why guys who never saw women in less than four layers of clothing, maybe two if married, got geeked out to see girls stripping down to their pasties and tassels. I can respect that. But in this modern age of media freedom, not to mention female body liberation (we're still getting there, and doing our part), would you pay to see Aubrey O'Day shaking her booty but without baring her bodacious boobtastic?

I'm sure there's some other elements to the stage show she performed down in Seminole Florida, but without the nekkidness, I'd have to watch only out of the corner of my eye while pulling the slots in the casino. That's me. I'm a gentleman. Enjoy.

I Did It All for the Whooty! We Celebrate Pale Celebrities With Bodacious Booties

Our video game editor Aaron doesn't think there's such a thing as Whooty -- White Booty -- or that there is an actual subculture of readers with this particular fetish. Meh, he's probably right. But given this is a time of gratitude, we're going to celebrate here on Egotastic! those few and far between women of limited color whose bottoms often make us turn red in the face.

Here's 10 of our bigger-get badonkadonks. It's Whooty Time!

READER FINDS: Piper Perabo Topless in Looper, Michelle Hunziker Panties Flash, Kristen Stewart Hi-Res Topless, and Much Much More…


At a time when this nation is divided over political rhetoric and partisan bickering, it's time once again for the readers of Egotastic!, the scientifically proven smartest readership online, to step forward with a soothing salve of sextastic, a balm of the boobtastic, some monumentally mammarial medicine to heal the rifts that divide, and fortify the fornication equipment. Yep, it's  time for Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes some much higher quality stills of Kristen Stewart topless in On The Road (thanks to EgoReader 'Michael'), Aubrey O'Day patriotic bare asstastic (kudos to 'Jesse'),  musty busty Christina Aguilera (thanks to 'Dex'), Brazilian hottie model Roberta Murga very topless (gracias to 'Marco'), Lucy Pinder topless with her girlfriends in Aussie People (down under gratitude to 'Tom O'), Piper Perabo topless in a still from the current hit film, Looper (blessings to 'Randolpho'), Hayden Panettiere cleavy at an Octoberfest (by way of EgoReader 'Wout'), sextastic model Ashley Smith topless (thanks to 'Rex'), Noelia Rios and Xoana Gonazlez naughty nekkid playful in H magazine (you're a good man 'Edmund'), Kendall Jenner looking might grown up (thanks to 'Sakk' for the Kardashian heir apparent), Doutzen Kroes classic lingerie hotness (kudos to 'BoneBon' for this contribution), Michelle Hunziker flashing upskirt on Italian TV (way to go 'Gerad D.'),  Emma Watson major league sexy in a Lorenzo Aguis photoshoot (kudos to 'Benjie'), Odette Yustman in a classic covered topless shoot from Tony Duran (uncovered by adventure seeker 'Robert'), Shenae Grimes in her undies in Elias Tehan photoshoot (we bow down to 'Lefty'), and some additional views of nekkid and wicked hot Emily Ratajkowski from Treats! magazine (provided by 'Jason').

Damn, that's a ton of photos, but, wait, how about some Reader Finds videos? Oh, yes, please...

Aubrey O’Day Oiled Asstastic and Jo-Jo Levesque Sweaty Cleavage Highlight This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Egos never take a holiday (or Egotastic! for that matter) so one of the benevolent blessings of hot celebrity self-published pictures is that they never ever take a break. We have 365 days a year access to the private, often hottest, certainly most intimate, views of celebrities snapping their own cell phone cameras upon their own bodies and sharing with the rest of the world (who they presume adore them, and they are mostly correct). Sometimes, you need to dig to find the real blessings in life.

Leading this week's must-see sights in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup are Aubrey O'Day flashing her shiny hiney in a tiny thong, Jo-Jo Levesque post-workout sweaty cleave, Stella Hudgens teen-working herself into starlet revealing mode, Kaley Cuoco low cut in the pumpkin patch, Ariana Grande in her bathroom with bear, and much much more. You owe it to yourself (and to me, dammit!) to check them all out. Enjoy.

Aubrey O’Day Shakes Up the Routine By Flashing Bottoms in See-Through Skirt in Miami

As you know, we've come to terms with Aubrey O'Day as she has come to terms with herself and what it is she can truly excite this world with, and that would be her curvaceous body and exhibitions thereof.

Today we got a chance to see Aubrey strutting her booty about Miami in a see-through lace skirt that flashed her badonkadonk covering underthings and made us wonder how many outfits she tried on before she left the house thinking to herself, 'Yes, this is the perfect amount of skin to flash on a Sunday morning'. Of course, we have a different measure of just the right amount of skin for Aubrey to flash, but if we wait patiently, we know we'll see much more soon. Enjoy.

Aubrey O’Day Flashes Her Twin Talents on South Beach

What do we love about Aubrey O'Day? Well among other things it's her voyage of self-discovery that has taken her all over the Hollywood talent map and right back to understanding precisely what her most sellable assets are. And she had those twin bags of joy on hella display in Miami, causing grown men to twist their necks, grown women to murmur under their breath, and small children to lick their lips and dream of infantile feedings (actually, put me in that latter category as well).

If you got 'em, flash 'em. Aubrey O'Day is down with that. And we love her for it. Enjoy.