Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures Give the Great Big Hawaiian Hello

You know we have a borderline unhealthy fascination with the petite body of former Disney starlet and former Hellcat cheerleader, Ashley Tisdale, who we see coming and going from the gym each day, coming and going from some little store buying some tiny little outfits to highlight her hard-worked body, and, more recently, bikini shopping for her trip to Hawaii, all of which has paid off quite nicely today with these Ashley Tisdale bikini pictures from Maui. We like. We like very much.

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Jaime Pressly Bikini Pictures, Adrianne Curry Naughtiness, and Sara Jean Underwood Partying with Friends Headline This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

We are really digging hard on celebrity Twitpics these days; with the ever growing trend of super hotties doing half our work, and taking us deep into their private spaces. Not necessarily the private spaces for which we’d pay a kidney to visit, but private enough to get the cheap thrills that fill our life tanks.

This week’s Celebrity Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Jaime Pressly showing off her hot bikini body, Adrianne Curry getting cheeky with her chest cheeks, Sara Jean Underwood posing with Candace Bailey in a sandwich we’d kill to be the meat in, Jennifer Love Hewitt flashing cleavetastic, and much much more. Check it out. And, enjoy.

Victoria Beckham Grabs Eva Longoria Funbags To Lead Sextastic Celebrity Twitpic Roundup

Bear with us, wait, make that, bare with us, as we skipped a week in our Twitpic roundups so this week’s edition is especially robust, if you will. There are some remarkable photos provided by the self-publishing hands of celebrities who when they can’t get enough attention, stoke some more by distributing their own private and personal photos, often quite intimate. Which, we just happen to love.

This week’s roundup includes the seriously gaunt Victoria Beckham fondling Eva Longoria at an Oscar weekend party, Coco showing why she’s the Twitpic queen, Sofia Vergara getting dressed, Nina Agdal personal bikini pics, and much more more…

All must sees. Check them out. And, enjoy

Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland Bikini Pictures Are Like Dying and Going to Cutie Bikini Heaven

We must give it up for Ocean Pacific in their selection of super little hotties Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland for their latest pictorial pimping because it gave us the chance to check out the two uber-cuties in their little bikinis filming commercials over the weekend on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

And as sextastic as these two little minxes are in their bikinis, something about those roller skates takes it to a new level. I don’t care if it’s the waitress on skates, Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, or just Olivia Newton John in Xanadu (yeah, my tastes are eclectic), but hot girls on shoes with wheels, just a tad bit hotter. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Going to Ink Her Incredible Body (We Hope Her Tat Says, ‘Egotastic!, Call Me’)

It’s hard to imagine a more petite girl with hotter legs than former Hellcat cheerleader, Ashley Tisdale.

When she dons those short shorts in public, flashing those amazing gams, we just want to offer her money to let us shave her legs. It’s just our thing, wrong as it may be, it would feel ever so right.

The fact that Ashley was on her way into a tattoo parlor did disturb us somewhat. Not that we’re against inking in general, and we know some of you guys out there even have quite a fondness for body art on the ladies, but, let’s be honest, celebrities choose some really stupid tattoo. Like, little slogans they heard last week in Kabbalah but don’t really understand, or a quote form the self-actualization book they read part of last year that is a must read in Hollywood ever since it got pimped by Oprah, that sort of craptastic. Then a few years later when somebody has the nerve to tell them what it means, we have to watch them painfully go through laser tattoo removal. Think before you ink.

In general, our philosophy remains, super hot body, don’t change a thing. Enjoy.

Minka Kelly and Ashley Tisdale In Post Salon Blow-Out Hotness Battle

Hotness, thy name is the hair salon.

By way of disclosure, let me first say that I have never ever paid more than $12 in my life for a haircut and I’m not afraid to use coupons. And that the person who usually cuts my hair does not speak my language, nor do I speak her language, but, for a woman born with two left hands, literally, she does not do a terrible job. My time in ‘salons’ is brief, urgent, and somewhat like walking through the haunted house of your neighbor who thinks that jumping out from behind a doorway and screaming is somehow frighteningly ghoulish.

But you know who does look hot after leaving the slightly more expensive salon? Well, last night it was Minka Kelly and Ashley Tisdale, two women who make the gentleman oglers give up an involuntary and completely anatomically natural 21-gun salute during even the most inauspicious of occasions. Both these girls names appear in my hope chest as I can not but dream of hopefully seeing their chests, bare as are my feelings toward these two hotties.

And, no, I don’t necessarily want a girlfriend who spends more on her hair than I do on my rent, car, and food each month, but when they look like Minka and Ashley, well, just be real, you’d sell your left grape and your grandma just for one night of unbridled motel room passion letting. Enjoy.

Ashley Tisdale Short Shorts in Beverly Hills