Ariel Winter

Jennifer Aniston, Ariel Winter And Sofia Vergara Highlight the Boobtastic at The SAG Award 2015

Here’s my quick read on the SAG Awards last night. Jennifer Aniston looked damn amazing, Sofia Vergara looked ever epically sultry and veteran hot, and Ariel Winter might’ve stolen the show if we were allowed to talk about her teen titan curves to any prurient extent. But we can’t, so, just ignore those for now if you’re able. Blasphemer.

There were several other sextastic celebrities geared up for perhaps the biggest night of the year for actors to compliment other actors and pretend their astronauts or firefighters or grave diggers or other important professionals. Still, even when standing in a circle slapping each other on the back, there’s no doubt this is the good looking set and when decking out for the occasion, there’s really nothing else like Hollywood Award season for a promenading of the hottest ladies in the world. Enjoy.

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Isla Fisher, Sofia Vergara, Amy Adams, And Other Hotties at the 2014 SAG Awards

While you were watching football, there were about a half dozen more Hollywood Award shows. In the very least, guys get to spread their tux costs across numerous appearances I suppose. And, far more importantly, we get to see our sextastic ladies of celebrity strutting their finest wares on the crimson carpet. It truly is the great upside to this season of self-congratulations.

Thespianics take the SAG Awards quite seriously as that is the Guild of your theatrical types. It’s their own cohorts voting on who among them emotes the finest, and everybody who is anybody in the acting world attends, including, most leer-worthy, ginger hottie Isla Fisher, her ginger peer Amy Adams, Sofia Vergara who never doesn’t look outrageously hot on the carpet, Ariel Winter rather busty, Morena Baccarin so fine, Maria Menounos ever delicious, and Michelle Dockery, slender but spectacular. Then a bunch of awards were handed out, agents were thanked, and people who cry for a living cried. It was special. Enjoy.

Ariel Winter Chest Tattoos, Probably Not Permanent

I’m going to put this one on EgoReader ‘Owen’ who wrote quite exasperated that Modern Family daughter Ariel Winter got a tattoo on her chest. Um, not quite her chest and I’m guessing they don’t have a booth for young ladies at the Farmer’s Market for permanent ink. Nevertheless, he is somewhat close on his clarion call and I think he only has one big toe, so we obliged.

We’re just still happy to see the healthy and pretty looking Ms. Winter still free and clear of her stage mom. Kind of like imagining what the Kardashians would have been like if Kris Jenner had sold her kids to traveling missionaries as she had originally planned. Maybe just a bit more grounded. And real smiles. Enjoy

Ariel Winter Bikini Picture An Instagram Answer For How Well Ariel’s Doing

Okay, let’s be gentle, but… Ariel Winter is now sending out pictures of herself trying on bikinis and showing off her summer figure. Let’s leave aside our traditional comments and just say, it looks like Ariel is doing quite well for herself since leaving the clutches of her allegedly abusive stepmom last year. Quite well indeed.

Good for you, Ariel. Please, try to go up faster. And document.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘Joe’ among a few who spotted Ariel’s new Instagram picture.)

Ariel Winter Seems Much Happier Now That Her Mom Allegedly Stopped Allegedly Beating Her

We see photos daily of all celebrities here at Egotastic! and we can tell when there have been changes in their lives, good or bad.

For those who were concerned about Modern Family co-star, Ariel Winter, when she had to be taken into protective custody because her mom may have been beating on her, well, she’s now filed official emancipation papers and she’s been looking much happier of late, including this past weekend at the Farmer’s Market.

Not all stage parents are psycho nightmares. But enough are that I think it’s fair to keep up the stereotype. Enjoy.