Ariana Grande

Maria Menounos and Ariana Grande Highlight the Hotness at The KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Sure, there was Miley and Selena and others, but for me, the iHeart Jingle Ball at Staples Center belonged to Maria Menounos in her short black leather dress on the red carpet, and leggy minxy hottie Ariana Grande on stage.

Just staring down Maria had me sweating, looking for any flaws I knew I'd not find in her perfect female form shown off so fiendishly tempting in her body hugging little leather dress. If I had gone through Maria's closets, after three hours spent sniffing her lingerie, I probably would have chosen this very same dress for her. As for Ariana, she is just getting more and more smoking with each appearance. She's starting to own events flush with her more popular peers. With those legs and those looks, the sky is the limit. And while she's up there, we will obviously be peeking under her dress. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Leggy Hotness Onstage in Dallas

Ariana Grande continues her cute desirability show in Dallas at the KISS FM Jingle Ball, prancing and preening on the stage in a short skirt that gave her likely mostly body-unappreciative audience a view of her minxy stems. Following her performance at the American Music Awards, Ariana's popularity factor is only increasing, much deserved I might add.

Ariana Grande has legs to die for. I mean, actually dying would somewhat defeat the purpose as she's far less likely to let you stroke her gams up and down from shoe to, well, Disneyland. So I think I'd like to stay in this world while I continue my pursuit of all things petite and Grande. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Leggy Hot in London

I know the Ariana Grande lust runs deep in certain parts of the Egotastic! landscape. I read the crayon formed letters of desperate pleas for more Ariana. They're kind of like children's books mixed with letters from cellmates with a tremendous depth of knowledge of vulgar terms for boinking. Interesting.

But I completely understand the passion behind wanting more more more Ariana Grande, the starlet turned all-grow'd up starlet who loves to flash her gams in short skirts and fun little 'I'd make a super hot girlfriend' type outfits. Like Ariana was doing outside the BBC1 Radio station in London leaving a promo in one of her trademark leg-highlighting ensembles. Yes, I used the work leg-highlighting.

For many of you, I know this will make your day. Which makes me almost as happy as if Ariana were standing in my office now asking me if she looked okay. I'd know exactly what to say. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy Flashing Legs at ‘Sam and Cat’ Premiere in London

You may not be a fan of Nickelodeon teen shows iCarly and Victorious, but many of you are probably more excited about the spin-off from those series, Sam and Cat, which will feature hottie starlet former sidekicks, Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy now front and center in the spotlight of their own new show. And you probably still won't watch the show, but the promotional events around it will mean much more public exhibition of Ariana and Jennette, which is a very good thing.

First stop, London, for the premiere of their new show and a time to show off their legs on the red carpet. For those of you who have been pining over these two lustable scamps for some time now, this is a very good omen of things to come. Sure, Nick will keep them on a pretty type showy leash, but fame has a way of bringing out the sextastic moments in a young woman. We are very excited about the near future. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Cheerleader Goodness for Grande Fantasies

I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen to many of your deeply devoted Ariana Grande fans when you see the plucky red in a cheerleader costume performing in Prospect Park in N.Y.C., but I can tell you what happened to me. First, like Bruce Banner, I tried to lock myself in a smash-proof safe keep. That failed as the beast within an not be contained. Then, I moved on to a succession of six increasingly cold showers. To no avail. Finally, I took a Rorschach test where I identified every single ink blot as a picture of myself and Ariana Grande entwined in a mating dance so intense and sweaty, that paramedics responded to the scene without ever being called.

Maybe you had a different reaction. But I'm guessing it was somewhat similar. Enjoy. 

Ariana Grande Sparkles My Mind in Red in Concert (God, I Want to Explore Her Grandes)

Granted, to see Ariana Grande this weekend in concert, you had to endure a Justin Bieber concert in Atlanta, as Ariana was one of his opening acts. Is it worth it? Well, it is if you have a photographer willing to do that on your behalf. I'd never want to get in the game of would you suffer through a Justin Bieber concert to get 'blank'. It's far too scary a proposition.

But far less scary and far more hot in sparkly red was Ariana Grande, I know a favorite belusted hottie for many of you who just find her combination looks, body, smile, and special 'it' factor to be making your other 'it' very very happy. In summary, didn't have to hear or see a single bit of Justin Bieber, get to see Ariana Grande, win-win. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Stretch Pants Covered Booty

I can't tell if Ariana Grande and her stretch pants are sparkling, of if that's just my libido adding some photo effects to my optical sensors to heighten the experience. It might be both.

I know so many of you, not unlike myself, have a thing thing for this little reddish-topped minxy TV starlet. So the chance to see Ariana in skin tights bustling through the airport, well, I was happier than a TSA agent finding a twenty dollar bill loose in somebody's jacket. I so badly want to screen Ariana for foreign objects. And if I find none, offer up some of my own.

Ariana, call me, we could do horrible things to each other. Enjoy.