Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Rehearsals a Must See for the Much Music Awards

Well, she looked quite nice at the Awards show itself, but catching Ariana Grande practicing for the Much Music Awards those silly Canadian craptastic music honorifics, well, it was quite a thing. I could get excited watching Ariana fix my cable, oh, that that could happen in real life, but seeing her prepping her dance moves and slow jams and other pop music silliness, well, she really is a hot little number

Ariana, it’s time to completely separate yourself from the dark side of teen TV and move up to the adult leagues of the sextastic. You have so much potential just being wasted at the moment. God, I sound like your agent. I could be your agent! Let’s meet in my office and discuss your future, clothing optional. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Steals the Show, Bella Thorne Makes Fans Feel Lucky at Wango Tango

Well, talk about your assemblage of the pop music cream cheese, it was all happening over the weekend at the KIIS FM Wango Tango concert here in Southern California where a morass of mediocre pop music talent gathered together to please tens of thousand of screaming teens and their equally screaming moms. Thankfully, along with the over produced pop tracks come the hotties, none of which could really stand up to Ariana Grande who stole the show this weekend by sheer force of sextastic. Ariana Grande and her increasingly revealing outfits, powerful legs, and slinky costumes is going to steal every show she’s in. The kind of larceny I can get behind.

Joining Ariana, and slightly less pleased looking, though naturally quite ginger alluring was Bella Thorne, who seemed to get stuck with the job of doing the fan photos meet and greet. She looked like she’s rather be shaking her tooter in front of twenty thousand screamers. But she got the photo couch. Not that she didn’t make the most of it, but she did smolder a bit like second fiddle won’t be her station in life for long. I do so love a good competition. Enjoy.

iHeart Music Awards Bring Out Shakira, Selena Gomez, Pia Toscana and Other Pop Music Hotties

If you’re going to really celebrate music, why not bring out a bunch of super hot girls who mostly make some pretty horrible music, but look pretty damn awesome doing so. The fine ladies of pop music like Rihanna, Shakira, Pia Toscana, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and other fine lovely lasses of the auto-tuned and produced pop music world brought down the house at the iHeart Music Awards last night in Los Angeles.

As you know, what the world needs right now is even more award shows to give the same people trophies over and over again for fronting somebody else’s music created on somebody’s PC at home. Well, maybe not so much that, but any opportunity to bring out the petite sextastics is fine by me. I love seeing the girls of my various rated dreams in various decked out wardrobes trying to out preen one another. Until somebody breaks into song, I am very much in this moment. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Hot So Hot She’s Damn Hot for the Cover of Her New Single

Wow, somebody is getting all grown up and it is most definitely not me. Try hot former teen TV starlet now young 20-something singer, actress, and a around sextastic lovely passion inducer Ariana Grande. She has a new single coming out, apparently. I’m sure it will be double triple musically amazing. I’m not going to listen. But I am going to leer incessantly at the album art and photoshoot by Jones Crow that Ariana took for her album art. Single art. Music art, whatever you call it in the age of digital downloads, it’s damn hot.

Ariana is slowly moving into the adult phase of her career. And I don’t mean adult entertainment, though I certainly wish that were true. I mean slinky dresses and grown up makeup and poses not necessarily allowed by Nickelodeon censors. It’s not quite lingerie selfies like Jennette, but if that day ever comes, look for me in aisle where they’re calling for a major cleanup. Enjoy.

Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Nicola Peltz, and Victoria Justice Highlight the Hotness at the Kids Choice Awards

As you know, in any civilized society, we don’t actually let kids make choices. We tell them to shut up and play their video games. But on one night a year, Nickelodeon gets them all together and let’s decide on a whole bunch of inane prizes to give out to actors from their favorite TV shows which I think all happen to be on Nickelodeon as well. I think that’s just a coincidence. Viacom is a powerful beast. But, on the upside, each year brings us a bunch of hotties young and sort of still young to show off in typically brightly colored outfits on the red carpet, before heading in to pretend to be super surprised at being slimed.

This year’s cast of great looking starlets and stars of about to be included Ariana Grande, Peyton List, Victoria Justice, Gigi Hadid, Debby Ryan and many more. The red carpet always look like a long long of girls who turned me down for the prom because they were too good looking or too popular or they were concerned that my high school nickname was ‘Handsy’. Go figure. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Wicked Cute in Cosmopolitan

Ariana Grande is so on the cusp of greatness and she may not even know it. Featured in the brand spanking new edition of Cosmo, Ariana Grande is still clinging to her cute girl past while at the same time we’ve been seeing her flashing more and more skin and grown up looks at swanky events and in photoshoots. She seems so ready to break out into full on hottie mode.

Ariana most definitely has all the tools required. She just needs to give the go-sign. Then the world will start spinning just a little bit faster and men’s pulses around the world will collectively rise as Ariana unveils herself in full Siren mode. I feel like 2014 is going to be that year. I’m pretty good with predictions too, about 58% accurate and that includes being almost entirely wrong on every sports bet ever. Let us pray. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Red and White and Hot All Over for Jingle Balls Weekend

I can’t really keep track of all these radio station Jingle Ball concert stops, but Ariana Grande was in New York and Chicago over the weekend, in red for one evening, white the other, but sweetly sextastic for both. I’m starting to work up the nerve to ask to be her wardrobe designer for her pop concert appearances. I’ve got some solid idea involving some very non-solid fabrics, very similar to the new clothes they made for the Emperor.

Ariana Grande is fast becoming one of my personal favorite all-grow’d up starlets. Not only does she seem cool and relatively grounded for a girl in her position, her ginger good looks and those super fine legs are absolutely killing me with thoughts of being squeezed between their toned vice like grip. Ariana, call me, let’s go shopping for fabrics and cocktails. Enjoy.