Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Hot Performance At BPM In NYC

Ariana Grande did not disappoint her fans in a hot performance in New York City. She was wearing her sexy intergalactic space cat outfit for the show. Basically it is a low cut body stocking with a see through skirt. There was quite a bit of cleav action going on, my friends. Ariana knows that the audience is eager to see as much of her ta-tas as is allowed by law. Her booty also looked amazing peeking out of her seriously short skirt. One of the reasons I like Ariana is that she rarely wears skirts that go past the top of her thighs. She can get away with it too because she’s got hella nice legs. I wish every pop princess would take a cue from Ariana’s playbook and purchase a see-through tiny skirt. Album sales would definitely increase.

How did I not know about this show? I would have gladly gone to ogle her instead of staying in and watching old 30 Rock episodes with my cat.

Ariana Grande Bares Midriff For Airport Peeks

Ariana Grande is officially a star. She’s not going anywhere anymore in public without a pack of cameras following her. Such is the price of fame. Probably worth it. But, it does mean, no baggy clothes and burqas when out and about. Even at the airport you need to flash a little something something to keep up the rep. Some tummy will do. Some fitting jeans. Make air travel look dashing again. Or at least make the guy with the open seat pray that it’s you who’s sitting next to him as you come down the airplane center aisle. Just kidding, you’re in first class. Still, it’s the dream.

Ariana Grande is one petite hottie. What comes from her in the near future ought to be a large slice of awesome visuals. She’s working for the pop music A-list. You don’t get there in modest clothing. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Upskirt Schoolgirl Hotness Pimping Hard in Tokyo

You can call yourself a pop star, but until you crack Japan wide-open, you’re just a dreamer. So, Ariana Grande took her hot self and wickedly sweet body and packed a few plaid miniskirts and headed to Tokyo to promote her new album. The fans went wild. It was her Live at Budokan moment, especially when her skirt flitted up high enough to show off not just her perfectly toned legs, but some nice peeks of her panties, driving the the more serious oglers in the back somewhat crazy.

I would hardly blame the Japanese for their hot girls in schoolgirl outfit fetish thing. I don’t wish to be the pot calling the kettle black. But let’s just say Ariana Grande nearly set Tokyo ablaze with the heat flowing off her developed and grown up, but decidedly tease co-ed like body. Ariana is currently firing on all cylinders. I feel I may soon be the same if I keep peeking up her skirt. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Leggy Lovely Luscious Perfection Onstage for Today

I’m not a man who spends much time considering wardrobe. But I must compliment whoever designed the make and model of what Ariana Grande wears generally in concert, including on the Today Show where she was showing off her full toned legs, sextastic midsection, and nice hints of the funbags that probably only the boyfriends get to see fully these days.

Ariana Grande is just about the biggest thing out there this moment in teeny bopper music. And she looks like one million faptastic dollars. Young girls love her, creepy men like me in trenchcoats lust her. I predict a continued meteoric rise for Ariana, especially in those super short skirts of hers. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Zipper Sextastic, Demi Lovato Cleavetastic, Taylor Swift Toned Legs, and Other Highlights of the 2014 MTV VMAs

While the MTV VMAs represent some kind of Fall of the Roman Empire, the lynchpin of the downfall of a civilized society, to be replaced by craptastic auditory experiences and glitter, there’s no doubt the annual event brings out the finest in pop diva competition for eyeballs, hence, lots of skin. There’s but a few teensy tiny number of popular music artists earning distinction from their vocal talents. The rest are competing for the dollar bills from the guys in the front row with the sweaty jowls. Me first among them.

So many hotties out at the 2014 MTV VMAs tonight, keep attuned to this updating gallery for some of the best of them, including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and more. It’s a night to remember, if you remembered your earplugs! Enjoy.

Belle Thorne, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Chloe Moretz, Kendall Jenner Highlight the Hotties at Teen Choice Awards 2014

I can’t help but feel there are some half-dozen Teen Choice Awards shows a year now. Not that that takes away from the majesty of having young teens texting the vox populi of the tastes of their generation. It’s pretty horrid. But that’s consistent throughout the years. Nevertheless, while the award show itself served as a tribute of silly accolades to young people with lots of mousse in their hair, the event did bring out almost every single under 25 sextastic celebrity in Hollywood to pose and preen on the red carpet and hit the after parties.

It really was like a Who’s Who of young starlet talent from film, TV, and radio including Selena Gomez, Chloe Mortez, Kendall Jenner, Lucy Hale, Bella Thorne, Ariana Grande and many many more. If you’re looking to see who’s making the bucks, or about to make the bucks in Hollywood, this is your gallery. Ogle awhile. Enjoy.

Ariana Grande Growing Up Hottie, But Still Pimping Cute in Seventeen

Ariana Grande is not a girl, not yet a woman. Strike that. She’s definitely a woman. It’s just that she’s still making big bucks as a girl. It’s a difficult distinction I am sure for a hottie of her age.

Ariana’s life as a teen starlet carries on, often in fine faptastic form, as this Seventeen magazine spread where the ginger-topped doll wears various short skirts and dresses to let teen girls know she’s just like them. Well, hotter perhaps and with legs to die for, but just like them all the same. I love it all. Old Ariana, new Ariana, anything Ariana Grande. I’m a fan of it all staring up her skirt from the floor. That’s where the real fans should be. Enjoy.