Anri Sugihara

Anri Sugihara Boobtastic Swimsuit Photoshoot

Anri Sugihara Lingerie and Bikini Pictures to Float Your Asian Adventure Boat

If there’s one question I get asked most often, well, after ‘How long were you locked up for this time?’, it’s ‘Where the heck are all the beautiful busty Asian celebrity models?’. Every time one of you asks me this, I get a little gun shy, because I know I’ve been shirking. I may just be one man, but like many superheroes before me, my task is Herculean. You need your hot Asian boobtastic. I get that. I am, so sorry.

Let’s begin penance with another look at new YS Web pictorials of one of our favorite famous Japanese models, Anri Sugihara. Anri has been blessed with endowments of the most extraordinary nature and a desire to show her female form off in many a skimpy wardrobe. Lingerie above, tiny bikinis below.

Were it not for but a few wisps of material, we’d be exploring much further into the Asian continent than we had anticipated. We would like to go there somebody. The Far East I mean. Also beyond Anri’s skimpy little nothings. Enjoy.

Anri Sugihara Outdoor Bikini Photoshoot

Anri Sugihara Red Hot Photoshoot

Anri Sugihara Wears Blue Lingerie for a Bedroom Photoshoot

Anri Sugihara Purple Lingerie Photoshoot

Anri Sugihara Showers and Bikinis Because Bubbles Need Love Too

We’ve so missed Anri Sugihara from our recent unplanned break from exotic exploration of the beautiful celebrities of the Far East. But now we’re back, she’s back in particular, Anri Sugihara, divine celebrity model and Japanese hottie in some wicked new photos in the shower and in a bikini.

And, because we admire your own Asian obsession, let’s look at another recent set of Anri sort of almost losing her top in the back of a car, which only plays into about twenty-seven thousands fantasies I’d had of this magazine favorite since first we met. I can’t even begin to talk about her being tied up to a tree. That’s so so wrong that I can’t stop leering…

Oh, my. Now I need a shower. No hot water required. This crazy voyage of discovery to the Asian nations just got a little hotter. Enjoy.