Anne Hathaway

Six New Character Posters from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Revealed

A Fire Will Rise

Don’t expect fireworks in Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman movie. Instead, expect fire–and lots of it in The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Hardy is fierce as Bane, who’s a mighty force to be reckoned with. Then there’s Anne Hathaway, who plays a mean Catwoman in that crazy skintight suit. In the midst of all this is Batman, played by Christian Bale, who’s every bit the brooding hero that Bruce Wayne is supposed to be.

If you’re ready to be teased some more, then hit the jump to check out the newest poster for The Dark Knight Rises, along with six new character posters featuring Batman, Catwoman, and Bane!


Anne Hathaway Bikini Pictures Prove That Men Don’t Get to Hair for a While

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I was checking out these brand spanking new Anne Hathaway bikini pictures from Miami Beach for a good long while before I realized that Anne had cut her hair completely off. Now, I’m not going to go so far as to throw out the bazillion dollar a year hair care and hair products industry that women invest so heavily in with the secret that they want to allure men (not just hear how ‘cute’ they look from their gal pals), nor will I say that at some point a man will take either positive or not so positive note of a woman’s do, but I’m just saying that it’s not at the very top of the list. Or maybe that’s just me.

Either way, the upcoming Catwoman star of The Dark Knight Rises took to the Florida beaches granting us the privilege, the rare privilege really, of seeing Anne Hathaway putting on a public display of skintastic. It’s unusual for the thespianic who has no trouble taking it off for the film cameras, but much more conservative in the public eye. So, we rejoice. And, condition, rinse, and repeat. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Skintastic Roundup Includes Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Biel (VIDEO)


Our friends at Mr. Skin want to remind everybody that while The Avengers and the other summer blockbusters out soon will feature sextastic celebs such as Scarlett Johansson, you shall see no skin in their current summer flicks, but there is the opportunity to see them on Blu-Ray and DVD in some far more revealing cinema.

This week’s flesh-filled onscreen fantasy includes Charlize Theron full frontal in The Devil’s Advocate, Anne Hathaway bare boned in Love and Other Drugs, Jessica Biel stripping nekkid in Powder Blue,

Check Out the Mr. Skin Minute Uncensored »

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No Fur

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A Little Anne Hathaway Peek on the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

We haven’t seen sexy Anne Hathaway in her latex Catgirl suit recently, but she’s most definitely looking ready for her breakout role for fanboys everywhere. Enjoy.

Batman vs. Bane (and Some Anne Hathaway), Production Stills from the Set of The Dark Knight Rises

Um, Spoiler Alert.

Okay, that being said, with more looks at production on the set of The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, we’re all getting pretty geeked here for next year’s Batman installment from Christopher Nolan, let’s say the expectations are running rather high. After seeing Tom Hardy in Warrior, think he’s going to make one hell of a for the caped crusader. We only wish that Anne Hathaway would do her own motorcycle stunts; still, she fits the Catgirl costume rather perfectly. Enjoy.