AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord Ever Sexy on Set of 90210

We do so lust our AnnaLynne McCord (and her sister too, at least while nekkid in Chemistry). Just checking out AnnaLynne on set each day of her craptastic high school chick-opera is a treat in itself, as it was yesterday as the hot-bodied thespianic worked her wardrobe-changing magic for 9210 filming on location in Redondo Beach and flashing little bits and pieces of her fantastic form. We can imagine the next round of bikini and sheer body suit scenes are not far behind (and, we do imagine that often). Enjoy.

Oh, and for no other reason other than we can, enjoy some bikini photos of AnnaLynne below.

AnnaLynne McCord Goes Braless Pokie Like Nobody’s Business (Except It’s Our Business)

We're most definitely thankful today for those sexy celebrities who fly commando in public, be it top or bottom underthings that be missing, sextastic celebs like AnnaLynne McCord and her unchained nipple pokes make coming to work just that much more fun each day. Ever since AnnaLynne was cast in the role of completely unbelievable high school chick on 90210, we've had nothing but repeated and delightful surprises with the various bits of skimpy wardrobe the show producers seem fit to substitute for involving storylines. (And her co-stars aren't so bad looking either.)

AnnaLynne McCord could read the phone book and make it interesting, I mean, provided she was braless and her power-nipples poking through. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Just Plain Old-Fashioned Beauty on Set of 90210

Unless once a month you find yourself running awkwardly from your high school chem class to the bathroom for an emergency heavy flow plug, the show 90210 probably doesn't hold much direct appeal to you, but there's no denying, like Gossip Girl, this craptastic TV soap knows how to get attention via hotties. Not the least of which has been a wonderful couple of years now with the lean and sexy AnnaLynne McCord, who we are so glad came into our visual lives. Despite former problems with Kate-Bosworth-style-non-eating-habits, AnnaLynne has filled out in the past year enough so that we can now ogle her womanly form with even fuller pleasure.

The fact that AnnaLynne runs to Chik-Fil-A for her noshing needs just confirms the fact that she will likely someday be our future ex-wife. Now if only we had caught a better view of that side baring dress, we'd be in heaven. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Provides A Window Unto Her Boobtastic on the Set of 90210

Everything we know about women's fashion can be summed up in one simple thought: less is definitely much more. So, we try desperately here to stay away from couture analysis of the sexy celebrities we cover. But, ever now and then, a little bit of wardrobe comes along that demands some guy-respect; such is the case with the dress donned by the slender-sextastic AnnaLynne McCord on the set of 90210. I'm not sure who the designer is that came up with the brilliant plan of cutting a wide swath of material right where the heart (of the hotness) lies, but, absolutely the right move, in our humble fashion opinion. Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Asstastic and Cleavy Magician’s Assistant (Find the Bonus Nipslip)

That's not a rabbit in my hat, I'm just damn glad to meet you.

I think 90210 is still about kids in high school, or maybe it's college now, not exactly sure, but most every episode seems designed around getting the sextastic AnnaLynne McCord into some type of hokey, but revealing costume, to which I say, now, that's great television!

The latest incarnation of this boob tube direction, the lithesome AnnaLynne McCord as an old-school magician's assistant, a silly get-up, made noteworthy by its betwixt-legs baring properties, not to mention a nice bit of cleavetastic plunge. Best of all, AnnaLynne serves the whole bit or burlesque up with an award winning smile that says, 'yeah, I know this isn't really acting, but I know you're not really listening to my words, so let's call it a draw.' So true, AnnaLynne, who can hear a peep when lost in a good ogle of your delightful body (and, yes, there is some nipplage to behold). Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord On-Set Bikini Pictures Reveal One of Tinsel Town’s Most Righteous Bodies

It's really right up there with some of the very best bodies in Hollywood, and given that we don't see a million and one photos of AnnaLynne McCord slaving away at the gym like so many other actresses, I'm about set to give her the 'Gifted Genes of the Year Award', because her fine figure is taut and tight and smacking of all pleasure in every nook and cranny.

Seen here in a green bikini on the set of 90210, the lean (but not too lean as before) sextastic McCord sister flashes ogling opportunities galore as she films for her craptastic show whose producers at least have the common sense to put AnnaLynne in any number of skin-revealing costumes each week in order to bring some eyeballs. Consider my two included. Enjoy.

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