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AnnaLynne McCord Nipple Peek Wardrobe Malfunction Dining Out in Hollywood

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We haven’t seen the quite mesmerizing AnnaLynne McCord in some time around here, so what a pleasant surprise for her to make a strong comeback aided by her bare nipple peek inside her braless top. Braless is the new chic style in Hollywood, though the lithesome CW hottie has always eschewed the undergarments since we first started following her. The subject of many a nip slip and lip slip in the past. I can certainly respect a sextastic woman who rolls commando. In fact, I can respect her more than her peers who do not. It’s simply a more efficient manner of dressing.

AnnaLynne wasn’t headed anywhere particularly special, but out to dinner. Why not share some of your blessed hot body and bare boobtastic peeps with those of us who had to dine at Jack in the Box but still wanted a show with our meal. Humdingers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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AnnaLynne McCord Sextastic Shoulder (Yes, Shoulder!)

Proving once again that there’s no part of a sextastic woman’s body that I won’t fetish fantasize over, I spilled my hot cocoa this morning at the first glimpse of AnnaLynne McCord shoulder. Call me old-fashioned, but if it’s enough to get you fifty lashes in certain parts of this world, it’s enough to get a good fifty whackadoos right here on this side of the equation. AnnaLynne McCord is one fetching fine woman, from head to toe. Oh, how I’d nibble up to 736 parts on her.

Is this a new low for me or a new high? I can’t tell. I have to believe there are some shoulder men out there as we speak readying a proclamation naming a day after me. My parents can finally be proud of me. Though I must admit I don’t long for their approval in nearly the same measure as I long for AnnaLynn McCord, and that very bitable shoulder. I thought these suffering feelings got better with age. Somebody lied to me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

AnnaLynne McCord Is Super Sexy In Black

Actress and model AnnaLynne McCord was looking sexy an F in a mesh top black dress at BenchWarmer’s Annual Stars and Stripes Celebration. AnnaLynne has a pretty extraordinary rack and it would be a shame to hide her cleavage and sideboob under opaque fabric. Lucky for us she chose a dress that has a mesh material allowing us a bird’s eye view of her ta-tas. I remember seeing AnnLynne in Nip/Tuck back in the day and enjoying looking at her boobies then. Time has only increased my desire to keep on staring at them. Some things never change, as the cliche says. This is especially true when it comes to a spectacular pair of chi chis. Ladies should take a cue off of AnnaLynne and always ensure that they are showing a proper ratio of cleavage to sideboob.

AnnaLynne is also just an incredibly sexy woman. Look at all of those pouty sex faces she is making in these pictures. They make me feel things in my swimsuit area.


AnnaLynne McCord Swimsuit Hottie, Forever In My Thoughts

You know, if Hallmark cards worked well enough to get a woman into bed, they could probably raise their prices. Just a thought for our friends at Hallmark who love pithy sentiment.

I’d certainly buy one of those greeting cards for AnnaLynne McCord whose hotness goes in and out of my life like a swinging door of regret in the nether regions. We only see AnnaLynne once every so often now. She’s probably off with her boyfriend having stupid sex or something. But when she does reappear on our radar, it’s usually in something little and showy like a swimsuit or a not swimsuit showing off her long lean model actress type body. I still and always will have the hots for AnnaLynne, though I am willing to accept one of her two hot sisters as temporary providers while I wait. I’m flexible in these regards. AnnaLynne, we need more! Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Bares Her Tummy at the Beach

It’s been a while since we’ve seen beachy perfect skinny girl AnnaLynne McCord. I’m not really even sure if her craptastic TV show is still broadcasting on some channel for disaffected girls who love shopping. She also made a few movies that we’re bodily intriguing, but that stopped as well. Hmm, AnnaLynne, where did you disappear to?

I have to blame a man. I wish it were me to blame. I would take a year off to travel the world with her, or just keep fortified in the garden suite at my Red Roof Inn where we could live off Folgers coffee and sex for 365 days until they pulled our bodies from the sticky wreckage. Who doesn’t dream seeing AnnaLynne and her taut tummy on the beach, a hint of her bikini thong beneath? Enjoy.

AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures Are Back and Skinny Hot Down Under

After not seeing AnnaLynne McCord for some time now, I’m reminded that it’s still my job to feed her a sandwich or three to get some meat on those lovely bones of her. There’s something to be said for the skinny hotties at the beach, and that thing is, they’d be so much hotter with more lady curves.

AnnaLynne McCord is a sextastically gifted playful thespianic who could be aces with about one more stone packed onto her female form. Not that I’d deny her the pleasure of my earthly delights in her current slender form. Just that I’d hate to have to the see the bruises resulting from my long-standing pent up passions regarding her and her sisters and so many wonderful fantasies over the past few years. Some cushion for the pushin’ is quite in order. AnnaLynne, you stay on the beach in Sydney, I’m coming to you with some koala steaks and fries.


AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures Drop Some Hot Yellow Asstastic on Her 26th Birthday

Some people just like to receive on their birthdays. During my own celebration last week, I demanded offerings from every single person in the room, including one young lady who slapped me across the face when I made my birthday request of her. I had that coming.

But not AnnaLynne McCord, slender showoff hottie from 90210. On her 26th birthday today AnnaLynne is giving. As in, an eyeful of her lean hot bikini body she does not mind sharing with the general viewing public. And why not. It’s a very finely crafted work of female art, including a booty that when covered in a bikini body takes on the appearance of utter passion inducement. I feel like a hungry fish looking at floating bait. I’m happily hooked. Happy Birthday, AnnaLynne.