Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Sexy Leggy Killer Overbite in Glamour

Once the photography world gets you into a certain pigeon hole, it’s tough to break free. Anna Kendrick will perhaps forever be the cookie Mary Tyler Moore independent urbane woman with just the ever so slightest bit of naughty. In the very least, I’d like to think Anna is more the biggest bit of naughty type, at least more so than expressed in her very demure, though quite leggy pictorials as in this little spread in Glamour U.K.

I’m one in the group who finds Anna’s overbite alone quite alarming to many of my reflexive acting body parts. Something about that ability to nibble a tad bit deeper than most. Throw in those sextastic gams and the fun times lie ahead smile and you have the recipe for why so many men dream of Anna Kendrick as their minxy girlfriend. Let’s just call her ‘charming’ for now and think the dirtier words silently in our heads. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glamour UK

2015 Academy Awards Red Carpet Hotties Arrive!

Okay, I’m kind of watching and sharing some of my favorite photos from this last and final grand hurrah to Hollywood awards season. The incessant need for moviemakers to award themselves is something of an psychology 101 term paper deal. As far as our needs, we just appreciate the biggest night of the year for the decked out A-list hotties. It really is the glass half full of sextastic celebrities kind of evening.

I’ll update as the evening moves along. Adding names to the list of Anna Kendrick, Rita Ora, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Jennifer LopezDakota Johnson, Felicity Jones, Zendaya Coleman, and others strutting the crimson catwalk for film’s biggest night. As opposed to film’s smallest night, which I believe was the opening night of Jupiter Ascending. I kid. And I ogle. Enjoy.

Anna Kendrick Sheer Hotness for Edit

Anna Kendrick, my overbitten darling, how you move me in so many special and completely personal ways. The under-sized hottie doesn’t often go alluring, but even when she makes the slightest hint of being sextastic, oh, man she hits the mark every time.

Appearing in sheer bits of clothing in Edit Magazine that I can’t tell if they are showing me more than I think or that’s just my libido filling in the blanks, Anna Kendrick makes one of her noteworthy visual wonderment kicker before the coming Academy Awards. She’s a go-to A-list hottie staple each February. Oh, how I’d lover to be the stapler. Pop pop. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Edit Magazine

Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Suki Waterhouse Nips and More Hotties at the British Fashion Awards 2014

I know, it’s hard to imagine anyone hold an important fashion event without me being in attendance to comment on the haute couture. I am after all ranked number 17 in the world by Uppity Fashion Critics magazine’s Top 100 Snooty Fashionistas. Something I’m both proud of and tremendously ashamed at the very same time. But the British Fashion Awards took place without me, but by way of far greater gets, they did have a gaggle of sextastic celebrities decked out in their finest in my stead.

Kendall Jenner looked quite desirable, as did young model Suki Waterhouse in a see-through top, Rihanna braless, and Rita Ora looking cleavetastic as usual, but never taken for granted. That right there was several eyefuls of hot lady boobtastic strutting the red carpet and making clothes be somewhat relevant on a woman for at least one London evening. Next year, I’ll expect a front row invitation, BFA’s. And, please, don’t hector me if you happen to notice I’m on my back on the runway with my camera facing up. It’s how I relax my tense back. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News /

Anna Kendrick Hot In Marie Claire And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Anna Kendrick with no pants is a good thing. (Huffington Post)

Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniaki use hot selfies to troll for dudes. (TMZ)

Curvy hottie Myla Dalbesio is Calvin Klein’s new plus-sized model. (Drunken Stepfather)

Karlie Kloss‘ Kleavage is Kolossal. (Hollywood Tuna)

Jessica Alba has one heck of a rack. (Popoholic)

Lindsay Lohan is looking really hot lately in a leather bustier. (The Superficial)

Celebrate Veteran’s Day with patriotic cheerleader boobies. (COED)

Anna Kendrick Hot in Elle (Says She Still Can’t Find Any Boy Action)

Now, I’m not one to completely dismiss this nonsense among the hot celebrity ladies that they have trouble finding dates. I think there is something to be said for guys feeing girls are out of their reach for some reason, and just general environment and bubble, that prevents these sextastic talents from being hit on by decent guys as often as you might believe. So I’m willing to listen to the complaints from the likes of Anna Kendrick about nobody asking her out on a date for about two minutes. It’s at that point I think to myself, wait, what about the 10,000 crayon written letters I’ve sent you through the years asking you to be my bowling partner at the leather and bondage lanes tourney?

Anna Kendrick, just look at you in this Elle magazine spread. I’m not feeling sorry for you. I am feeling rather lusty however. Oh, that gorgeous body and overbite that I just want to feel nibble in awkward pattern across my underserving body. Anna, no more lonely nights for you, let’s make this loofah scrub down relationship happen. I have so many sponges ready to go you would not believe. Up in the air, Anna, that’s my safety word. Enjoy.

2014 Academy Awards — Oscar Red Carpet Hotties (Updating)

So, let it begin. The 86th Academy Awards and procession of the sextastic.

We’ll keep updating this as the various lovely decked out ladies of Tinsel Town exit their limos and arrive on the red carpet. But you can’t be off to a better start than Ireland Baldwin and Maria Menounos.

Ah, Olivia Wilde, Emma WatsonCharlize TheronKristen Bell, Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, Penelope CruzAnna Kendrick, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchettand many more.

In summary: there wasn’t much by the way of risque or cleavy or showy on the red carpet this year, but there’s no doubt there were a dozen or more ladies of the Silver Screen who looked absolutely stunning in their million dollar get-ups. It’s just like my prom night, except with hot girls who fit their dresses. Enjoy.